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Theme Choice Board

A Review of the Themes in Frankenstein

2.You can write List of Themes in Frankenstein

  • Beauty Standards
  • Loneliness & Isolation
  • Prejudice
  • Science without Limits

Choice Board Instructions

  • Go to the next Page
  • Look over the four different activities
  • Choose the ONE that you want to do
    • Please do not do all four activities - I want you to do the one that you are most excited about
  • Follow the instructions for that activity to submit to the quiz

Click Here to Go to Activities

1.You can write What is theme?

Theme - The central topic of a narrative

  • Can typically be summed up in one to two words
  • Stories typically have more than one theme
  • Very general - think about what the story is trying to teach you about the subject

Link to Frankenstein (just in case you don't want to look back in the class)

LIghts...Camera...Action! Are you a filmmaker in the making? A TikTok star? Do you live for being on camera? Click on this if you want to make a video!

Film a Video Essay

Do you consider yourself an artist? Do you love drawing? It's time for you to show off all of your artistic ability! Click here to make an artistic one pager!

Draw Artistic One Pager

Do you consider yourself a gamer? Have you ever wanted to make your own game? If yes, then this is the activity for youClick here to make a review game.

Create a Game

Do you love poetry? Have you wished for a chance to show that off in class? This is your chance!Click here to write a poem!

Write a Poem

A Review of What You Learned from Anthem

Theme Choice Board

You'll be creating a review board game about the different themes in Frankenstein. Using THIS website you'll be able to create a board game that will serve as a review for the themes in Frankenstein. Make sure for each question you also include the answer in the box with it, because I am the only one who is going to look at them and I want to see your thinking, not just your questions! You will be creating 18 questions for this game

  • 4 questions - 4 questions about the theme of Beauty Standards in Frankenstein
  • 4 questions - 4 questions about the theme of Loneliness and Isolation in Frankenstein
  • 4 questions - 4 questions about the theme of Prejudice in Frankenstein
  • 4 questions - 4 questions about the theme of Science without Limits in Frankenstein
  • 2 questions - 2 random questions about whatever (school-appropriate) topic you want.
What types of questions you want to write are up to you as long as they follow the guidelines above. You'll be submitting the link to your game in the quiz. Make sure to click "Create Game" at the bottom or I will not be able to access it!

HELLO FUTURE FILMMAKER! I am so excited to watch your video. What will I create this in? Flip! This is an education-based video website that will allow you to create videos similar to TikTok. If you're worried about privacy settings, don't! I have the class set so that I am the only one who can view the videos. To sign up for Flip you can click HERE. You will be making your video based on the three essential elements below. Make sure that you check out the theme list from the first page of this genially to make sure that you have one from Frankenstein that you're confident about! Three essential elements

  • Hook - explain what you are going to be talking about
  • Theme - which theme did you choose from Frankenstein?
  • Analysis - how is this theme still important today? What similarities did you see in how the theme is presented in Frankenstein to what you see in the world today? What differences did you see?
Video length: minimum 45 seconds, maximum 2 minutes. Please don’t go over two minutes, this is also an exercise in self-editing, so make sure you only have the important parts. (And remember that I also have to watch all the videos) How you present the theme is entirely up to you. Do you want to talk about them in depth? Go for it. Do you want to have text on the screen while you dance to a song that goes with the theme in the background? You do you. This is your chance to be creative and have fun, while also presenting your information. As long as your idea is school appropriate, I look forward to seeing what you come up with. You will be turning in the link to this video in the quiz

Poetry is one of the best ways to express yourself, in a way that is as unique as you are. It also is a great way to get a feel of a theme or a poet's view of a theme. I want you to think about the theme from the list that you are most passionate about, and that will be the inspiration for your poem. For this activity, you will choose one of the following types of poems that you want to write.

  • Haiku
  • Sonnet
  • Free Verse
  • Limerick
Write the poem of your choice and make sure that it has the same theme as the one that you chose from Frankenstein. Then write a short (3-5 sentence) paragraph that explains the similarities and differences between the way you presented the theme in your poem and the way that it was presented in Frankenstein. You will be submitting the poem and the paragraph in the quiz.

What is a One-Pager? A One-Pager is an artistic representation of a story/article that should give the main idea of the text without actually reading it. How Do I Make a One-Pager?

  1. Set up your paper.
    • Hold your paper vertically
    • Fold the bottom of your paper up to about the halfway point.
    • Make sure that you have a very strong crease
    • Unfold it.
    • Draw a line on the crease
  2. Write the Title, Author, and Main Idea
    • Write the title of the text and the author somewhere in the top portion of your paper that is easy to see.
    • Write the theme you chose above the line that you drew on the crease.
    • Do not have this take up the entire top portion of your paper.
    • You can combine this with step 3 if you want to.
  3. Draw a picture that symbolizes the theme of Frankenstein
    • Symbol - something that represents something else. Think about your article and decide one picture that you think represents the main point as a whole.
    • Make sure that your picture looks nice. It does not need to be perfect, but it needs to look like you’ve put some effort into it.
    • You can either color your picture or shade it. The choice is yours. However, you do need to do one or the other.
  4. Choose 3 quotes that best show the theme and write them around (or incorporate them into) the picture.
    • Look through the text and decide on the three quotes that you think are the strongest evidence from the story that support the theme
  5. Write a summary of Frankenstein on the bottom portion of your paper.
    • Make sure to explain the entire plot and emphasize the theme that you chose.
    • Should be 4-7 sentences
What does a One-Pager Look Like? Make sure to upload this to a google drive so that you can get a shareable link to share it with me. You will not be able to upload the picture to the website. If you need help uploading it to your Google or Microsoft Drive, please let me know! If you don't have either, you may need to choose another activity.