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Olivia Caulfield


One of the main themes of They Called Us Enemy is racism. Every person that was of Japanese descent was sent to camps where they would be held for years under armed guard.

The teddy bear symbolizes George and Henry's innocence as kids. We read the book through the eyes of George and experience everything he is going through while he doesnt understand much of what is going on around him because of how young he is.

The barb-wire fence is what separates the Takei's and other families at the camp from the normal world. George learns that while he is inside the fences he is not free and is seen differently from everyone outside of it.

The sewing machine symbolizes Mama and her love she has for her family. After she and her family move into the camp she pulls out her sewing machine that she smuggled in, to sew clothes, rugs, and blankets for her family to make them feel at-home.

The song "Don't Stop", by Fleetwood Mac represents how the Takei family felt while staying at the camp. The lines, "All I want is to see you smile If it takes just a little while" reminded me of when George got really happy when he finally got to see his mama smile for the first time in a while. https://youtu.be/6RD-koI6MKs

This image represents the agreement the Japanese Americans had to sign to prove they are "loyal citizens". One of the questions wanted them to pledge their lives for a country that didn't even see them as people.

The TED logo symbolizes George's life after the camp and the war now living a successful life. He is now an author, actor, and activist.