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President-Brooklyn Tolentino Vice President- Jansi Hernandez

Spanish Club 2023-2024

we are thinking of making this club more inclusive to every hispanic culture out there. Appreciating other cultures and willing to learn more is whats most important.

What are we thinking?

- introducing the hispanic culture to Germantown Highschool - The first Hispanic program at Germantown -Showing culture through music, dance, and art -There will need to be volunteer/participants to help out and being a part of the program

Hispanic heritage Program

+ info

- decorating A building -Have spanish songs be played over the intercom-Make bracelets/candy goody bags, chips, and jarritos sold throughout the month-In the program: -mashup of dances (bachata, cumbia, salsa, etc. )- Reading latino poetry -Have spanish songs sung at the program-Fashion show of quince dresses/ decades-Have a represntative for each grade try to break a pinata the fastest.

Program in depth

  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Head of Planning comitee (main organizer)
  • Media Committee
  • Members of Planning comitee