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Building Online Self & Community

Think about the first day at your last in-building school. You carefully picked out clothes, accessories, your backpack; you wanted to send a message about who you are and what you're all about! Building our "online selfhood" is similar. Because we aren't always physcially together, however, it is important to build and share our online selves so that we can authentically show up in our blended/online community!

"Writing" Ourselves into Online Being

When sharing & engaging, please remember these important norms!

Step outside of your own selfhood to recognize various perspectives. When in doubt, simply listen to the lived experiences of others


Bring others in. Ask questions. Lift one another up; seek to understand


Only share what feels safe, appropriate, and comfortable.


Choose how you want to share a bit about you!

Directions: Select a way to begin creating and building your online self! As you share and engage, remember the norms from the previous page! Click on an icon for further details!

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Thank you so much, friends!

Upload your work from the previous choice board task! Click through 2-3 peer uploads and respond to them. Your goal: to connect and build community!Optional Frames:I enjoy ____ as well. I appreciate how you ____.Thank you for sharing ____.

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