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How is London presented in each source?



Which quotation shows that London is presented as hot and uncomfortable?

'furiously hot'

Question 1/10

'Every green patch'

'confused tourists in anoraks'

Which quotation shows that Londoners do not enjoy the weather?

Question 2/10

'paddling pools and icecream'

'everybody has complained'

'heatwave in Britain for a month now'

Which quotation shows the extreme weather is partly our responsibility?

'problems...related to the way we treat the planet'

Question 3/10

'climate in Britain is a joke'

'it rains, it pours, it's wet and cold'

Which quotation shows London as 'murky'?

Question 4/10

'crisp November morning'

'frozen hedgrows'

'dark city'

Which quotation shows that London is heavily polluted?

'stream turned into a river'

Question 5/10

'ocean of thick, black smog'

'great din of voices'

Which quotation shows that the impact of the pollution?

Question 6/10

'long spires of chimneys'

'smoke...suffocating the buildings and their inhabitants'

'clanging and rattling, like a stage'



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