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Cinemagraph by Sophia Liu

By Camila and Julia

Journeys toschool

Hello our names are Camila and Julia, I am 11 years old and Julia is 12 Years old I have long straight brown hair, big brown eyes and small ears. Julia has long curly brown hair, small hazel eyes and small ears .

Our school is very big and white.

The distance from our houses to school I take 4 minutes from my house to school and the distance is one thousand and nine hundred meters i go to school by car. Julia takes 6 minutes from her house to school and the distance is five hundred meters .

Cinemagraph by Sophia Liu

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Dancerin motion

Dancer in Motion: Cinemagraphs - Sophia Liu | Studio SophyThank you always to my favorite contemporary photographer Jamie Beck for inspiring me everyday. And thank you Andrea, for always being so down to...Sophia Liu | Studio Sophy

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