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Understaffed Team

Slow Response Time

Outdated Software

Duplicate Work


If your team is overwhelmed, consider outsourcing tasks or seeking assistance from interns, other teams, or yourself. To prevent future bottlenecks, expand your team or allocate more time to projects.

Waiting for feedback can create delivery bottlenecks. Determining the teams' preferred communication methods for feedback can help. For example, some folks may prefer batched deliverables or need clearer subject lines in emails.

Outdated software is a nightmare for project managers. If it doesn't auto-save, is hard to navigate, is slow to load, or doesn't allow multiple users to work at the same time, consider conducting an ROI analysis to justify upgrading to more reliable project management software.

Duplicate work slows down the process and creates friction among team members. Use a work management tool to assign tasks, define responsibilities, and outline dependencies.

A meddling manager or stakeholder hampers progress. Set boundaries by meeting with them, emphasizing the importance of delegating work and trusting the team for project and team success.