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a day with blackpink


7. why i chose blackpink

6.back to italy

5. after the cocncert

4. in the middle of the concert

3. before the concert

2. around korea

1. from italy to korea


is October 10 and i finally taken tickets for new born pink tour from blackpink. I'm happy to finally be able to see them sing live, it's a dream come true, I've been waiting for this opportunity for years and I can finally see them but first I will have to take a plane from Italy to Korea to be able to see them and thus begin a journey of happiness. and now I will show you the most beautiful photo album you will see

From italy to korea

the adventure begins

once I got off the plane I was able to visit Korea a bit because the concert was in a few days, I had the opportunity to taste delicious food and see landscapes never seen before

around korea

luckily I was able to get the front row ticket so as to have the best view for the duration of the concert, there was a long queue and also rehearsals to see if the microphones were working and now for the concert to begin

before the concert

many were the people dancing and singing and it was a great thing to see so many people with the same interest

in the middle of the concert the music and adrenaline were skyrocketing, it was such a beautiful feeling that it seemed like a dream

in the middle of the concert

in the end the concert is over it took a long time between singing and dancing i'm really exhausted but i would do it again a thousand times, and now i'm back in the hotel in korea

after the concert

and finally i returned to italy after my last stay in korea, i will miss you korea thanks for this wonderful experience

back to italy

and finally because I chose blackpinks, because since I started listening to them I have loved their way of making music and over time they have always accompanied me on any adventure I am happy with this adventure, bye blackpinks always love yours music. and the and this is my favoruite music from blackpink

why i chose blackpink