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Worker or Sheikh

P2E Market Description and Data

Worker or Sheikh is an innovative Play-to-Earn game aiming to revolutionize the industry and Web 3.0. This project stands out as the only one in the market that offers a sustainable, viable, and audited model, ensuring an exceptional and secure gaming experience for its users and investors. Next, we look at the market data in which we will participate.

  • Market Capitalization: $6,000,000,000
  • Average Global 24hs Volume: $557,518,719
  • Average TOP 10 24hs Volume: $54,000,000
  • Average Value of Top 10 Tokens: $7.56



Worker or Sheikh Project Earnings

The project generates gross profits based on transaction fees of 5% of global transactions, which are distributed as follows:

Worker or Sheikh

Investing Example

Through the funds raised in the pre-sale, several objectives have been set, and upon achieving these goals, we project the following positive outcomes:

Investor buy: 1.000.000 WOS

Invested money: USDT 1.000.000

💸 Daily earnings Holders WOS: USDT 300.000

🌐Daily earnings Partners: USDT 300.000

🚧Daily earnings Development: USDT 300.000

📊Daily income Blackbear: USDT 600.000


After rigorously analyzing the market and considering successful cases, we set realistic medium-term goals based on data and experience to enhance success and sustainable growth.

Ultimate goals - Post release

Timeline / Hitos

1.000.000Active users

2x a 5XWOS market release

$30.000.000daily transactions

Top 5P2E Marketcap

Worker or Sheikh

Milestones Profitability by Stages

💸 Monthly earnings Holders WOS: 0.09%

🌐Monthly earnings Partners: 0.09%


Milestone 10,000 Active Users

Milestone 50,000 Active Users

💸 Monthly earnings Holders WOS: 0.45%

🌐Monthly earnings Partners: 0.45%

Milestone 100,000 Active Users

💸 Monthly earnings Holders WOS: 0.9%

🌐Monthly earnings Partners: 0.9%

Milestone 500,000 Active Users

💸 Monthly earnings Holders WOS: 4.5%

🌐Monthly earnings Partners: 4.5%

Milestone 1,000,000 Active Users

💸 Monthly earnings Holders WOS: 9%

🌐Monthly earnings Partners: 9%