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A guide on how to trade a shift in Calabrio.

Calabrio - Shift Trade

You can trade within your own department 7 days a week via Calabrio.If you are a Team Manager, you will only be able to swap with other TMs in your department during the week.

You can trade outside your department on a Saturday or Sunday, but you will need to email People Planning with the details, and they will do the trade for you.

If you trade with someone who has a different length lunch, then you will take on that lunch too.People Planning will not be able to change the length of the lunch.

Shift Trade

There will be occasions when you may want to request a shift trade.Follow these guidelines to a successful trade.

2. Select the PA you would like to trade with.

1. Select Shift trade request.

Trading within your own department.

4. In the top box, enter a brief message, for example here it says 'Shift swap'.Then enter any further details in to the next box down, and click 'Send'.

3. Select the shift you are trading with.


+ in

  • Until Calabrio accepts the trade and confirms it to you both, the shift is still your responsibility.
  • Once accepted, both your schedules will update to show this, including your new lunch and breaks (if applicable).
  • You will see the trade pending in your messages.
  • The PA you are trading with will need to approve or deny the request.

The PA you are trading with will see...

Your view...

In the message box you can send a reply to the PA who has requested the trade.You will also see the shifts you are trading.

You can now select to approve or deny the trade request.

Click on each shift trade message to action.

Approving or denying a trade request.

If there are certain activities scheduled for you, your request will be sent to People Planning to amend these and may take a little longer to be approved.

Head to the Messages tab in the top menu.If the request was approved by the PA, this shift will now automatically show in both of your schedules.If the request is denied, there is no change to your schedule and the shift is still your responsibility to fulfil.

Your Messages

If you have any questions, head to your TM.

Thank you for taking part in this e-learning!