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Bonnie and Clyde; The Making of a Legend

Now that you've finished the text:

  • Revisit your notes about the difference between Legendary and Infamy
  • Find at least four text based examples to put into the Venn Diagram on the next slide. These can be related to your Bonnie and Clyde theme map.
    • Include a short, cited quote and explanation as to why this example shows that Bonnie and Clyde are Legendary, Infamous, or Both.
    • Use the "text" feature on the left menu or the pinpoints in the bottom right just like you did on the Interactive map activity.
  • Finally, use the orange box to make an argument as to whether Bonnie and Clyde should be rememberd as legendary or infamous criminals.



Bonnie and Clyde; The Making of a Legend

Final Verdict


Based on the examples Bonnie and Clyde should be remembered as infamous criminals. While their story has been romanticized and turned into a legend in popular culture, their crime spree included violent bank robberies, burglaries, and car thefts that left many people dead or injured. Their actions caused fear and terror in the communities they targeted, and their infamy has persisted through the media surrounding their deaths.

"They were barely adults when they met, and they died before they turned 25. Yet, in the short time they were together, they became a legend" Bonnie and Clyde became legendary figures despite their young age and short time together. Their story has been romanticized in popular culture through films, songs, and other media.

"Bonnie and Clyde's death was a media circus, with crowds gathering to catch a glimpse of the notorious couple and newspapers running sensational headlines" This quote illustrates how Bonnie and Clyde's death added to their infamous reputation. The media attention surrounding their ambush and the public display of their bodies contributed to their status as notorious criminals.

"Bonnie and Clyde's love letters, found in an abandoned hideout, fueled the legend of their romance" This quote highlights how Bonnie and Clyde's romantic relationship contributed to their legendary status. The discovery of their love letters added a human element to their story and helped to further romanticize their lives and crimes.

."Their crime spree included robberies, burglaries, and car thefts, but it was their brazen and violent bank robberies that made them infamous" This quote emphasizes the infamous nature of Bonnie and Clyde's crime spree, Their criminal activity made them a household name and got widespread media attention