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One of the objects i did for my book bento is the magnifying glass. I did this object because since my book is a mystery type of book and there are a lot of clues in the book. Another thing is that the book can get confusing at times because there are a lot of pieces of evidence you need to put together. I also feel like the magnifying glass would just make sense because it is like a mystery tool to help solve some problems.

I did a beanie because they got robbed so i feel like the beanie is something the robber would wear. In the book it didn't say if they would be in all black but i think they would have been if they were robbing someone. They probably had their faces covered when they took someones belongings.

i put in the dining table because all the girls were there when emily got robbed. All of the girls were eating a nice lunch when all of the sudden she got robbed. Emily got robbed in daylight and no one noticed because then there was a car crash and all the diners were distracted. After they got the power back on they realized some of emiles belongings were gone.

i put in this diamond/jewel because this is what the robber took from emily. This was something very important to emily. Emily's guardian (Mrs Jane Willoughby) decides to carry the jewels with her when she went to go have lunch at the lilac inn when it all went down hill from there.

One of the last objects i did is the hand bag. I did this object because this is what the jewels were in when the handbag got taken. Mrs. Jane Willoughby which is emily's guardian took out the jewels from the safe deposit and decided to take them with her and put them in her handbag when she went to go get lunch. When they were all eating a car crash had happen so all of the workers and customers were distracted so that is when the robber went and stole the handbag.

I did this book called the mystery at the lilac inn because i really like mystery books and books that can have you on a cliffhanger. I really like that because it wants me to keep reading more and more. I would recommend this book to people who like mysteries. The author is nancy drew and there are lots and lots of series of these type of mystery books. I would rate this book a 4 out of 5 stars