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Member Account Overview

From the member's dashboard click on any of the blue arrows to pull up the full member account menu and view all the tabs in more detail.


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On this screen, you will see any "services" member has access to including:➡️ 7 Day Services for a Guest Pass ➡️ Premium Amenity Access➡️ MORE Amenity Access➡️ Free classes/sessions for Basic & Premium Members


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Create a note to document anything important regarding the member and their account.If you think it's important note it!Always keep notes professional as they could be used in legal issues. Examples:➡️ Member called to inquire about cancelling➡️ Member is having behavior issues with another member➡️ Member has been asked to place bag in locker multiple times.


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Member Alerts

This screen shows a history of when and where a member checked into a Chuze

Check In History

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