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01. Introduction

Sophie Garnett-Sharpe

  • I am a music business student
  • I have an interest in internet culture and visual arts
  • I focus primarily on branding, marketing, and social media

02. Achievements

Going to University helped my academically and personally. I was able to meet new people and learnt how to network better.

I am working with a grunge band called For Those Who Sin. ​ I began as their artist manager however, worked more closely on branding and marketing campaigns​.

When I have previously tried to work on my social media, the pressure to be perfect and "clean" really effected my mental health. I want to try a "messy" but curated timeline


  1. Demonstrate creative and aesthetic concepts
  2. Demostrate my skills in social media marketing
  3. Working on not being a perfectionist

Personal Branding

There are three main points that I want my social media to reflect:

04. Goals

  1. Working voluntary on campaigns for artists
  2. Build a portfolio of successful campaigns
  3. Creating a website to showcase my skills
  4. Applying for internships in marketing
  5. Get a job as a marketing associate

Creative Director

The aim of being a creative dirctor is very long term and the end goal. The steps forward include:

  1. Digital Asset & Media Management
  2. Digital Culture & Society
  3. Digital Marketing
Culture, Media, and Creative Industries Research MPhil/PhD

05. Goals

II know I want to study at King's College that requires a high 2:1 with a mark 65 or higher which is an achievable grade. Areas of interest include:

Masters Degree

06. Goals

  1. The US has the largest music market in the world (IFPI, 2023)
    1. Main music hubs are New York, Austin, and Seattle (Miller, 2019)
    2. I would like to eventually move to Seattle
  2. My best friend of 11 years lives in the USA and it would be nice to spend more time with her

Move to New York

There are many reasons that I want to move there:

According to Hellmann (2016), found that perfectionism had strong corrolations between stress, anxiety, and negative self-perception. Perfectionism effects my self presentatio the most which is why I have struggled to create my own social media following. By creating a messier aesthetic, I might feel more comfortable posting

  • Normal - high yet obtainable standards
  • Neurotic - everything needs to be perfect or else it is a failure

There are two types of perfectionists:

07. Goals

Work on perfectionism


Financial Challenges

08. Challenges

Voluntary and full time work, partnered with perfectionism could lead to burnout. Van Heugten (2011) suggests learning to set boundaries and delegate tasks when necessary.

It isn't a skill issue as I know how to manage my money. I don't have financial support and a small amount of savings. Most of these goals require a significant amount of money so I need to work and save to achieve these goals.

Jobs in the creative industries are notoriously underpaying. I want to remain in the creative industries however, I am also looking for jobs with more reliable sources of income to help with my financial issues.

09. Challenges

Low funding


I don't have a degree in marketing and no formal experiences yet so I'm unlikely to get a job quickly. After some discussions with lectures, I am going to focus on my niche interests as that should help over come this.

  • Carry on working for For Those Who Sin, creating campaign ideas and social media plans
  • Create a portfolio and website to showcase skills
  • Build a social media presence


What is next?

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