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why being bored is stimulating and useful


Boredom is one of the most common of emotions and we all know how it feels. It may includes a lot of mental states, such as frustration, depression and indifference.We may experience all kinds of them, but might be prone to one only.

Not all kinds of boredom are negative. In a study, Thomas Goetz and his team came to an intriguing finding: 'indifferent boredom' when someone is not engaged in anything satisfying but still feels relaxed and calm is very useful .

Psychologist Sandi Mann goes further , finding that being bored makes us more creative because it allows the mind to wander and therefore come up with more creative ideas . It turns out that being bored is also useful , and we should seek more boredom

It turns out that being bored is also useful , and we should seek more boredom

John Eastwood is not convinced by the idea that boredom is stimulating , stating that if you are in a state of mind - wandering , you are not bored ' and that it can be toxic if it is allowed to develop

Those who are motivated by pleasure seem to get bored easily while people with curiosity have higher boredom threshold . Finally , boredom itself cannot kill and it is important to alleviate boredom before it puts us in danger .

He speculates that the central feature of boredom is a failure to put our attention system ' into gear . His team is now trying to explore why the attention system fails , and believe that boredom is linked with personality traits