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Trans Rights

a debate on human rights weather one deserve the same rights as those who are diffrent.

the fight for

decades old

what does it mean?

for the past five years there has been trans rights have become stried for trans people. they are being seen as chice rather then the truth

who is this affecting

trans youth , trans adults and those currently transitiong, parents and those who proved gender affirming care. this is negtiviyl impacting families in all accpescts

what does this mean for medical system

this means that any teen or one who is curretly being treated will be denied, or put on a plan to stop care. how to recive gender affirming care is a long process, it does not start till after puberity. Any surgery can not be considered till one is 16 but many laws do not consider these polices. they go off misinformation on what gender affirming care is and how it is acssed. A child must go through thearpy with a phycitris and months to years of consulting with gender affirming scpecialists.

where did it start to take rise

we begain to see the introductioon of this type of legslation in 2018 when former prsident trump introduced an act that dienced entrance for trans people to join the malitary. many saw this as an oppurtinty to create movement on ant-trans bills to be introduced into state law.

Trans Rights

being trans is not a choice , its a human right to be true to yourslef

the fight for

decades old

how is this affecting diffrent policies

these laws are affecting ID regulations, meaning you may not have your correct name or gender on any legal identifcation. resturans , local stores, or any public area on religous restrictions, the owner can deny service becuse your exsitance is agaisnt their belifs, this goes the same for chruches, which are known to be a place of asilum and safety. In some states a parent or medical staff can be charged with child endergerment if any form of genrder change is documented. thes laws have also reached school

many families have delt with mental, physical, and emtional disstress due to this debate on trans rights. we have seen a rise on trans youth suicide and hate crimes. this legslation is putting many indanger of themselfs and others. these laws have run through the souther states like wildfire, many of these laws are not bases facts alone or crediable sources, they are baised on baises and what one belives from misedcuatied teaching. These laws have created unsafe and stressful envirments for trans youth and thir families, many have moved to sates that are safe for trans youth.

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