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Lingustics 132 (72)

Abigail Leath and Daniel Salas

Prefixes AND Suffixes

Have you ever heard the word Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?


By the end of todays lesson you will be able to decode and break uo words that contain common prefixes and suffixes

What is a Prefix?

A letter or a group of letters that is attached to the beginning of a word, to change the meaning of the word (like the Line Leader of a word)


There's the prefixes that act as adjectives, giving words "bigger" meaningExample: superhero

Did you know?

And Prefixes of root words that describe amounts and numbersExample: century

Prefixes of root words that give words opposite meaning example: unsafe

There is also..

What is a Suffix?

Letter or group of letters added to the end of a word,to also change the meaning of the word

Suffix Definition

There are suffixes that can act as adjectives, example: quickly

Similar to Prefixes...

And there are suffixes that mean "can"example: washable

There are suffixes that can decribe quantity, example: -ful & -less

And also,

Will always be at the front of a word



Will always be at the end of a word


Common prefixes and Suffixes

Ful- suffix means: Full of
Help- base wordMeans: Assitance
Un- PrefixMeans: not


ed- suffix means: Used to form past tense
Color- base wordMeans: Pigmination of an object
Dis- PrefixMeans: opposite of, not, or removed



As today's exit ticket, every group must create a new word with letter magnets! Make sure to use a prefix, suffix or both!First to complete a new word will be the first groupdismissed!


- You will recieve another worksheet. -This will be done at home. -You will be filling in thr blank with the correct prefix and suffix that is missing from the sentance.

Take home work

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