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What is Home?

What value does Home bring?

How do you use Home?

What features does Home have?

What are the Home Settings?

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The landing zone to access all of the applications

Home is the landing zone for all the Lingraphica devices have to offer. Through Home, users can quickly launch to communication apps, therapy apps, and social apps. Users can make Home their own by customizing the layout, size, and apps available to them by altering the settings. Whether it is making the app tiles bigger or smaller or adding and removing apps based on preference.Home has the options to maximize use of the overall device.


  • Fast access to a variety of apps
  • Ability to express orientation
  • Control of your device
  • Ability to change size, layout, and alignment of apps
  • Prevent apps from opening or ability to add/remove from Home

To Use:

  • Start Device or press the Home tab on the info bar
  • Select the app you want to launch into from Home
  • Use the settings to customize the app display and control usage

Features of Home

  • Ability to access communication, therapy, and social apps
  • Speech output of the Info Bar
  • Onscreen controls
  • Customization of the display
  • Projection of apps
  • Remove or add provided apps

Access Home Settings

  • From Home, tap the Settings Menu
Home Settings - Display
  • App Size
  • App Arrangement
  • Grid Size
  • App Projection
  • Arrange App
  • Control panel options ( Volume and Help)
- Usage Controls
  • Block arrange apps
  • Block apps