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Portfolio Planning & Project Budgeting

  • Idea generation & estimation
  • CapEx advice (decision tree)
  • Portfolio prioritization
  • Detailed project planning
  • Funding approval (CapEx Go)

Purchasing & Project Execution

  • WBS creation & maintenance
  • Contract & purchasing (myBuy)
  • Project execution / build
  • Project management
  • Project updates & communication

Project Closeout

  • Asset ready for use / in use
  • Asset creation & capitalization
  • Asset disposal (if applicable)
  • PO, WBS & project closure
  • After-action review & analysis

Existing training materials and how to request expertise and additional support to train those involved in any part of the capital asset and equipment processes

What available reports, analysis and insights based on capital assets and equipment exist and how to get additional ad hoc support if needed

Continuous improvement of the capital process

How to update an existing capital asset or equipment location, owner, etc., conduct required periodic inventories and impair and/or dispose of an capital asset + the process of required depreciation throughout the life of an asset

How to plan, budget and build/buy/lease capital assets and equipment from initial idea through project closeout and financial asset creation in our systems.