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Zoom to Torsh Talentinstructions

Zoom Recording

b. You can confirm the session is being recorded by looking for a Recording… icon along the top of your Zoom application or along the toolbar that appears when you are sharing your screen. Click the pause icon to pause the recording. Click the start icon when you are ready to resume recording. Click the stop icon when you’re ready to stop the recording.

Step 1: Record a Local Recording1. Starting Your Meeting:a. To initiate your Zoom meeting, log into your JHU Zoom account. Select Meetings, Personal Room, and select Start. 2. Recording Your Meeting: a. Select the Record button on your Zoom tool bar and select Record on this Computer

The recording typically defaults to Documents in a Zoom folder on your computer or device. Locate and confirm your recorded MP4 file.

Zoom Recording

Step 2: Locate your local Recording1. When you finish recording and end the session, a pop-up message will appear. Follow the prompts to locate your Zoom recording. Your meeting will be converted to a MP4.

4. Once the Upload page is open, select one of the menu options in the left menu or ‘Select Files to Upload’ to retrieve the recorded file(s) from your computer or device. Select Upload located in the lower right corner. It may take a few moments to upload to your dashboard.

Canvas TORSH Talent Assignment Upload and Submission

1. Access your Canvas course and locate your TORSH Talent assignment within Modules or Assignments.2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen or 'Select load in new tab' to access and launch TORSH Talent. You may receive a pop- up message about submission, if so, select ‘OK’. 3. Select Upload from the top menu to upload your Zoom recording.

*Note: If the video is pending please wait for a complete upload before it is submitted.

5. Your downloaded Zoom recording will now appear on your dashboard in Video & Files. Hover over your preferred recording and the submit button will appear in the top right corner of the video. Select ‘Submit’ and follow the prompts and submit your recording in Canvas when you are ready. Note: Prior to submission you are able to review, add comments or attachments by clicking directly on the recording.

Canvas TORSH Talent Assignment Upload and Submission