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Training delivery team

Soft skills Quiz

QUESTION 1 of 10

What do I do if the member is screaming?

Scream back

Transfer back to the queue

Let them vent and show reassurance



QUESTION 2 of 10

The member calls to complain about the previous representative

Acknowledge their feelings, show reassurance and file an A&G

Place them on hold

Ignore their feelings and ask for their member ID



QUESTION 3 of 10

A member is in a rush and tells you to hurry

Acknowledge and set up the right expectations

Continue as if nothing happened

Work as quickly as possible



QUESTION 4 of 10

A member tells you they have a surgery scheduled and asks for their coverage. How do you close the call?

You wait for the member to hang up

Alright, thank you for calling UnitedHealthCare

It was a pleasure talking to you today and hope everything goes well in your surgery!



QUESTION 5 of 10

You hear a dog barking in the background.

Tell the member you cannot hear them

Create small talk

Offer a callback because the connection is breaking off

QUESTION 6 of 10

The caller requests a representative in the US.

Be sarcastic and argue with them

Warm transfer to an onshore representative

Place them on hold



QUESTION 7 of 10

I want to speak to your supervisor, I don't want to speak to you anymore!

Place them on hold to wait until they hang up

Tell them there is no sup available without asking

Be polite and ask for a supervisor

QUESTION 8 of 10

A member tells you they are lonely so they are moving back with their kids.

Show active listening and follow the conversation

Interrupt them to go back to the main reason of the call

Ask them the new address to update it

QUESTION 9 of 10

A member tells you they need to make a payment. What is the first thing you do?

Follow HIPPA

Show compassion


QUESTION 10 of 10

The member says they need to go over some documents to find the information.

Be patient and tell them there is no rush

Sound annoyed

Tell them to callback