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Bullies can post a comment or message on Facebook that is viewable by a broad audience.

Victims can be harassed via the use of pictures in which victims are in embarrassing or compromising situations.

More than one perpetrator can harass the victim.

Victims can be targeted via private messages or chats.

Face to face arguments can be transferred over to a public argument over Facebook that often involves name-calling.

Some cyberbullying incidents can involve the posting of a harassing status update, a text-based post that would be broadcasted to the profile owner's friends and specifically called out the victim.

Victims can be mimicked or targeted using fake profiles.

Perpetrators can create Facebook pages for the sole purpose of harassing victims.

Perpetrators can access the victim's account without their consent.

Bullies can take advantage of the ability to be anonymous online to commit cyberbullying acts.

Videos of victims in embarrassing or compromising situations can be posted by the perpetrators.