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Japanese car culture has its roots in the bōsōzoku movement, a tribe of rebellious young people who loved to customize motorcycles and cars

The Car Culture

They ride severly low

Stance Cars

  • its basically the quickest way to ruin your car but the looks of them make up for it
  • your car will scrape on the ground sometimes
  • you cant turn as sharp if the wheels tucked
  • dajiban cars are basically old dodge vans that were saved and made for the race track
  • who ever can build the fastest van can bring them all to a track and race them and see who has the best van

dajiban and shakotan

  • The Shakotan culture is kind of like the kid that moms dissapointed about
  • theyre etremely low street cars that people add very unnessesary parts and huge peices to

Race Cars

Time attack is taking any car and adding race technology like big spoilers, new front bumper, andything that can make them faster around the corners

Time Attack

Very important person

Vip is making a forgotten about old sedan basically look better than a rolls royce on the interiorthey put suspension on them that makes them ride as smooth as they canthey put curtains over the windows, chandeliers on the ceiling, fancy shiny tables too


Dektora culture is taking a utility size truck and puting obsurd crazy parts on them and lights

Kanjozuko is a group of people that come together to race eachother down the mountains and also own the street racing world at night

kei trucks are trucks that have the cab on top of the engine in the front and people you can just put new wheels on them to make them look good

kei trucks, kanjozuko, dektora

It connects everyone

people from all car cultures come together to see eachothers builds and just get to know new people and have fun

the meets

Underground car meets