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Bonnie and Clyde; The Making of a Legend

Now that you've finished the text:

  • Revisit your notes about the difference between Legendary and Infamy
  • Find at least four text based examples to put into the Venn Diagram on the next slide. These can be related to your Bonnie and Clyde theme map.
    • Include a short, cited quote and explanation as to why this example shows that Bonnie and Clyde are Legendary, Infamous, or Both.
    • Use the "text" feature on the left menu or the pinpoints in the bottom right just like you did on the Interactive map activity.
  • Finally, use the orange box to make an argument as to whether Bonnie and Clyde should be rememberd as legendary or infamous criminals.



Bonnie and Clyde; The Making of a Legend

Final Verdict

Bonnie and Clyse were infamous because they were famous by robbed stores and stole cars. And they killed and kidnapped many cops and ruined many lives of the familes of their vitictims with their choices

"Part of the reason why the police could never catch Bonnie and Clyde was because they were always stealing new cars, so they couldn't track them"

"Romanticized or vilified, criticized or admired, Bonnie and Clyde remain legendary - no longer for who they were, but for who we want them to be."

" By Thursday afternoon, close to 10,000 people packed the front Sparkman-Holtz-Brand funeral home near downtown Dallas, clamoring to see Clyde's remains."

"Somehow, some way, Clyde and Bonnie had managed to escape three intense efforts to blast them into oblivion."