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GlobalSign Company Overview

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GlobalSign, The Identity Authority

For over 25 years, we have proven our worth as a leader in digital identities and as partners to our global customers, giving them access to the advice and expertise that ensures they can trust they have made the right choices to build their own long history of success.

Office locations

Leadership Team

Vision, Mission and Values

One GlobalSign Way

GlobalSign Products and Solutions

GlobalSign History


Venture Spirit Declaration

GlobalSign Corporate Video


GMO Internet Group


GlobalSign History


We’re proud to be one of the first Certificate Authorities.

Acquisition by GMO Group

Founded in Belgium

GMO Internet Group is one of the largest Internet companies in Japan.

AEG Debuts

Since its debut at RSA, the Auto Enrollment Gateway has evolved into a multi-platform and protocol solution, providing full automation and lifecycle management of certificates for a wide range of enterprise endpoints and use cases.

GlobalSign History

With the emergence of IoT, GlobalSign recognized the need for a dedicated product team to serve the unique requirements of IoT security.

10M Signatures & Counting

IoT Group Formed

We surpassed 10 million digital signatures applied using our enterprise digital signing service (DSS), and went on to more than double it in 2020.

Introducing Atlas

A high-powered, high-volume certificate platform like no other.

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

As your needs change and grow, we’ll be right there with you. We’re in it for the long haul.


In 2021 GlobalSign celebrated 25 years in the security industry, making it the world’s longest-operating CA. The company has grown from just a few employees in 1996 to becoming one of the world’s top CAs.

GlobalSign is 25!

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GlobalSign Offices

Globally Distributed Functional Group

Leadership Team

Chiel Executive OfficerBoard MemberCo-founder of Japan Entity

  • Business Planning
  • Finance
  • Fulfillment

Ichiro Chujo

Minoru Karasawa

Chief Technology OfficerBoard Member

  • Engineering​
  • Product Development​
  • Innovation
  • Business Planning

Koji Takenobu

Chief Operations OfficerBoard Member

  • Client Services
    • Vetting
    • Technical Support
  • iDaas

Leadership Team

Chief Product OfficerBoard Member

  • Product Management
  • Product Marketing
  • Product Delivery
  • IoT

Lila Kee

Carolyn Oldenburg

Chief Legal Officer

  • Legal
  • Global Talent Management
  • Learning and Development

Arvid Vermote

Chief Information Security OfficerStrategic Executive Team Head

  • IT Operations​
  • Web Development​
  • Operational Governance​
  • Compliance​
  • Data Protection​

Leadership Team

Head of Sales and Marketing - WestBoard Member

  • Sales
  • Marketing

Henry Krumins

Katsuo Chujo

Head of Sales and Marketing - APAC

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Business Planning

Regional GM

Ichiro Chujo General ManagerSingapore

Laurence PawlingGeneral Manager EMEA

Lila Kee General ManagerAmericas

Harry ZhaGeneral ManagerChina

Katsuo Chujo General ManagerJapan HQ

Dmitry RyzhikovGeneral ManagerRussia

Aditya AnandGeneral ManagerIN and AE

Jerry TanGeneral ManagerPhilippines


Be the global identity authority providing security, convenience and trust through digital identities for everyone and everything

GlobalSign Mision and Vision

Vision 35

Trust is everything in our business

  • Rigorously apply best practice to managing our customers’ trusted identities
  • Demonstrate Integrity and trust, being as open as possible with all of our dealings internally and externally

GlobalSign Values

We deliver value, and excellence in service.

  • Provide creative and innovative solutions to business needs
  • Drive business value and cost effectiveness
  • Delight our customers with superlative service

Our Staff are our most valuable asset.

  • Treat people fairly and well, demonstrate respect and embrace diversity
  • Excite, unleash and support the passion, creativity and innovative spirit within our staff
  • Provide tools, systems and training that facilitate effective business
  • Communicate and collaborate with shared goals to achieve success

One GlobalSign Way

One GlobalSign Way

Please watch OGW video here

GlobalSign Products and Solutions

Managed PKI


Certificate Management & Automation

Atlas - Digital Identity Platform

Document Signing

Document Signing Service (DSS)

Qualified Signing Services (QSS)


Digital Signing Services

Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) Signatures

Advanced vs Qualified

Custom CA/ Private PKI

Dedicated Intermediate CA

Trusted Root



Atlas Discovery

PKI for DevSecOps

Post Quantum Computing

Qualified Trust Seals by DSS

eIDAS Certificates


GlobalSign Products and Solutions

Website and Server Security (SSL/TLS)


Managed SSL

Cloud SSL

Access Control Authentication

User Authentication

Mobile Device Authentication

Machine and Server Authentication

Signing Certificates

Document Signing Solutions (see previous slide)

Email Security (S/MIME)

EV Code Signing Certificates

GlobalSign Products and Solutions



FDA Certificates

Belgian Government Services


Internet of Everything

IoT Identity Platform

IoT Edge Enroll


As one of the world’s most deeply-rooted certificate authorities, GlobalSign is the leading provider of trusted identity and security solutions enabling businesses, large enterprises, cloud-based service providers, and IoT innovators worldwide to conduct secure online communications, manage millions of verified digital identities and automate authentication and encryption. Its high-scale PKI and identity solutions support the billions of services, devices, people, and things comprising the IoT.

GlobalSign Corporate Video

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GMO Internet Group

What are we committed to?To be the dominant No.1 in the Internet industry.



How do we achieve success?Amidst the Digital and ICT revolution, we must concentrate our resources on developing Internet infrastructure that supports our products and services while bringing smiles and inspiration to our customers. As a result, we will achieve greater profits.


Why do we exist?Our mission is to contribute to the society by enriching the Internet experiences, creating new Internet cultures and industries, and bringing smiles and inspiration to our customers.

Internet for Everyone

GMO Internet Group

GMO Group Companies

Consolidated sales as of june 2023

  • This was created in 1995.
  • Sets out group-wide values to align all partners into the same direction and objectives
  • Three key themes: Dream, No.1, Smile
    • Dream: To become a truly global company that represents Japan by 2051
    • No.1 services and human talents are required to achieve the Dream
    • Happy smiling staff and customers enable us to achieve the Dream
  • Comprised of Preface, Commitment, Mission, Vision and Outlook.
  • All partners are advised to recite the declaration at least more than once per month.

Venture Spirit Declaration

  • Please refer to this link for copy of Venture Spirit Declaration https://globalsign.sharepoint.com/sites/GlobalSignLearningCentre/SitePages/GMO-ismTraining_CorporateMissionsandVisionsinGMOgroup.aspx


GMO Internet Group has inherited and accumulated entrepreneurship (the Declaration) since Internet business was established in 1995. These are structured as GMO Internet Group's dreams, vision, and corporate philosophy and are stated clearly in Venture Spirit Declaration. This Venture Spirit Declaration describes our dreams, our roles in society, and strategies to achieve our aims. Under this Venture Spirit Declaration, all partners of the GMO Internet Group will continue to contribute to society.

Venture Spirit Declaration

You may watch the latest updates on Venture Spirit from here!

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  • GlobalSign’s core Strategy is to be the global identity authority. Everyone has a role to play in executing this strategy.
  • GlobalSign is a part of GMO Internet under Internet Infrastructure business segment, which aims to become a globally renowned IT company by 2051. GlobalSign has a role to play in executing this strategy.
  • The consistent value (both at GS level and at GMO level) is that our human talents are the most important assets.
  • It is important for all GlobalSigners to demonstrate all the behaviours in One GlobalSign Way.


Thank you