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MY SISTER LIVES on the manteliece


the autor is Anabel Pitcher was born in a Yorkshire village and studied English at Oxford University, and has since worked in the media and as an English teacher. His eagerness to write a novel made him travel the world, she currently lives in Yorkshire

ho is the autor:


This story is about a family has fallen apart Becouse of the los of the sister Rose becouse of a Terrorist atack. His father cant move past her death, so they move to a countryside for a ''fresh new start''



He is the protagonist of the novel, a boy who feels guilty for not being able to mourn the death of his sister, whom he doesn't even remember. Jamie feels helpless as his family falls apart and he can't do anything about it. He misses his mother and, although he is counting the days since he was separated from her, he continues to hope that she will come home and, just in case, he does not take off for a moment the Spiderman shirt that she gave him. has sent.

ho is jamie:


The family is a bad family, the father is alcoholic, The parents are divorced and the mother does not live with them, they dont pass page with the dead of Rose. They hate the muslims becouse a muslim people kill Rose.

how Is the family?:

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