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Hi, I am Sir Simon de Canterville, and I’m the most famous ghost in the world because an important English writer of the nineteenth century, Oscar Wilde, wrote a book about me.In the past I lived in my castle with my wife, but one day I accidentally pushed her and she died. Her brothers were furious and they let me starve to death.

Sorry, I am a talkative person but before tell you this story, I want to present you the characters. Some of them didn't have a good place in my heart, but a girl in particular became really important to me.

Me: Sir Simon de Canterville;

Hiram Otis: the family's dad;

Lucrezia Otis: Hiram's wife;

Washington Otis: the older brother;

Stars and stripes: the twins;

Mrs Umney: the housekeeper;

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Virginia: the sister

In England, towards the end of the 18th century, Hiram Otis decided to buy the castle that belonged to me for at least 300 years. Everyone tried to warn the Otis’ family that the castle was haunted but they really wanted anyway.

After they visited the building, in the library was found a blood stain, the stain that marked the place where fell my wife. Then the housekeeper told the Otis my story and Washington decided to clean the stain.

The twins tormented me. While I was trying to scare them, like every ghost should do, they managed to get away making me their favorite victim: I feeled useless.

Virginia noticed my signs until the day when we talked and she understood how I felt. Virginia was the right girl thet could help me so I explained to her the way that i could cross the afterlife. She helped me.

The End

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