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someone who likes to show off their creativity

les Graffiti

- street art in your city

-a piece of art that you like

-2 or 3 major English-speaking street artist


- the origins of street art

The word Graffiti was a Italian word. At the origin graffiti means an inscription made by a vandal on a archeological site



The Grafitti was born in Philadelphia in 1960.The two precursors of graffiti are Corn Bred and Cool Earl


Cool Earl


Graffiti bornin 1960

Keith Haring



Banksy is a urban artist who works under pseudonnym.Bank sy was the most famous artist in the world.He start the grafiiti in is home town .in Bristol in great britain.After the succes.He uses stencil to bring to convey his messages ;wich often mix politics ,humour and poetry.His famous graffiti wich started his career is love in the air

Keith Haring was an American artist known for his colorful and bold style. He used simple shapes and bright colors to create art that everyone could understand. Haring's work talked about important topics like love, equality, and fighting injustice. but he died very young

Keith Haring

Keith Haring was one of the most influential pop art artists on the planet, and his distinctive style made him famous.

Keith Haring was born in in 1958

Space Invader

I like Space Invader because his art is fun and reminds me of old video games. He uses small colored tiles to make pictures and puts them in different places. It's cool to find his art in unexpected spots. People come together to find and take pictures of his work, which is really nice. Space Invader's art is easy to enjoy and makes me happy.


Jeann-Marie ezzemari

Jean-Marie Ezzamari, also known as Jean Jam, is a graffiti artist from Poitiers. He specializes in "old-school lettering" graffiti using spray cans and brushes. His artwork can be found on public walls, bridges, and transformers in Poitiers. Jean Jam's art brings color, happiness, and nature-inspired designs to the city, often featuring flowers. He also does commissioned murals for private clients.