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the origins graffiti

What is graffiti ?

positiv word

negativ word



lettering schratched

to write


alows you to expres yourself

grafitty since antiquity !

in the caves..

like in Lascaux Caves

Chovet caves

They were using modern techniques...

like stencil technique with there own hands !

2 major street artists :

First Artist is..

Ben Ein

He ..

Come from London

He paints on large facades and uses impressive calligraphy !

was born in 1970

he is 52 years old

he has made numerous charitable contributions for war Child

He also support Human Rights by...

painting on the MACAM's Wall of contemplation


There were celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Second Artist is..



was born in 1981

Come from California

he is 34 years old

he became famous in Paris

He became famous for painting on trucks, he's paints arrows with the word "above" on it.

His common points with Banksy..

He's anonymous

He sometimes paints optical illusion in a style quite close to Banksy

he paints on big surfaces or on improbable facades (trucks..)

street art in your city


This artist is...


He starts doing graffiti under bridges in illegal spaces in Brest with Lili's dad. He kept doing graffitis and became more and more famous in France. He now sells his works for people but he continue doing street art wherever he goes. He's also famous for creating his own street art festival in Perche( France).He paints only flowers on walls. He's also the oncle of Lili wich is why we take him as the exemple of "street art in your city".