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The Giver : Choice Board

lights, Camera, action!

Poetry Jam Session

The Giver of memories

Picasso... I like it

Writing Response

New Cover...Who dis?

The Color Project

If it were up to me...


The sound a book makes

(Everyone does this one)

Lights, Camera, Action!

  • Re-create a scene from the text!
  • Type out a script with dialogue and actions (These will be turned in to Ms. Stevens).
  • Borrow recording equipment & video tape your reenactment!
  • Scene should be done as professionally as possible with clear dialogue, interaction between actors, and attention to costuming.
  • Submit a short paragraph explaining the importance of the scene.


Write A Poem

Create a poem from the point of view of one of the primary characters in your text OR write a poem about the text that has a similar theme or message. Your poem should be 15-20 lines long. Your poem needs a titleIt does not have to rhyme. :)It should be typed and in final copy form free of errors.


Write a memory to transfer to Jonas

  • Think of the sensory details you will need to convey & the lesson or conclusions that Jonas would learn from recieving this memory.
  • Your memory should be approximately half a page to an entire page in length and should match the tone of the text.

  • Get a graphic organizer from Ms. Stevens to fill out for pre-writing.


Illustrate an important quote

  • Pick out what you believe to be the most important quote in your text
  • Illustrate the quote so that the picture represents the deeper meaning of the quote.
  • Submit a short paragraph explaining the importance of the scene.
  • See classroom examples for help!


Writing Response: How does gaining feelings change Jonas’s opinion of his community?

  • Use evidence from the text to support your response.
  • Remember; prioritize quality.
  • Paper should be approximately one page in length, 12-14pt font
  • Share your doc with Ms. Stevens


Design a New Book Cover

The front should be a large image with the title of the book and its authors name clearly written.On the back, please include a short summary (but no spoilers, please!) & a 2-3 sentence section about the author.Work should be in final copy format with attention to spelling, capitalization, and punctuion.

Create a new dust jacket for your book.


Color Project


Research how the human eye percieves color!Reflect on your new learning in 1-2 paragraphs.Then, pick a scene from the story that you believe is crucial to illustrate in color. Paint that scene!Lastly, in 1-2 paragraphs, explain why that scene is so important to be seen in color.Present your painting and verbally explain to the class.

If it were up to me... (Utopia Project)

Utopia means paradise; a perfect society. Now that you are in charge, you can create your own society according to your vision of Utopia.


The Giver Soundtrack

What would it be?

If this novel had a soundtrack...

Create a 5 song YouTube or Spotify playlist that represent the themes, characters, and events in your text.In a word document, explain how each choice fits into your book's soundtrack.