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of Decision Making



‘One Bite, and all of your Dreams will come True.’


Hi Ho, hi ho, off to work we go; Taking Decision Making Steps


"People come here to the castle when they have a problem. They need the ruler to make a fair decision. Nothing is more important than to be fair."



“Mirror, mirror, on the wall,” said the Queen. “Who is the fairest of them all?”


Snow White

7 signs of dwarf decision fatigue (and how to defog your brain)

Learn how to make better decisions with 3 powerful habits

Do you have choice anxiety? 5 expert tips to become more decisive

What are effective Decisions?

An effective decision considers all relevant factors to get the best outcome, while avoiding common decision making thinking traps.

Talks to watch when you have a big decision to make

Dwarves 7 Thinking Hats

How to reduce bias in your workplace

How to Outsmart Your Own Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias

16 Tips For Combating Unconscious Bias In Decision Making

Unconscious Bias with Dopey

These biases have an effect on how we view others and how we make decisions. Implicit biases can be at odds with our own conceptions of ourselves and our conscious values and standards.You may believe yourself to be open-minded, but a good deal of evidence from the behavioral sciences—demonstrates that actual achievements are often set aside in favor of those who fit some group stereotype of those likely to succeed.Read more below to discover diamonds, like Dopey

Don't fall asleep yet though!

Values Based Approach with Sleep..

Unconscious Bias with Dopey

Being imobilised by an indecision is normal!

How to stop overthinking and calm your mind

How to Overcome Analysis Paralysis of Decision Making

What is Analysis Paralysis?

Don't sleep on your decision due to Analysis Paralysis

After going through all of the previous steps, have you ever reached a decision but felt hesitant to take the plung?

This is known as Analysis Paralysis! Analysis paralysis is an inability to make a decision due to over-thinking.

What Fairytales can Teach us about Decision Making

Over-reacting with Grumpy

Have you ever over-reacted in the moment?

No Judgement! You are not alone & it is not whole heartedly your fault either. System 1 of our brains is for first reactions. Our initial reaction is automatic and impulsive. Something we have little control over and requires little conscious effort to react to something. System 2 is the more reflective and effortful part of the brain, but it is also the slower part. So next time you think you have 'Over-reacted', ackonowledge, learn and recognise that this is system 1 that is responsible for the impulsive reaction.

System 1 Vs System 2

Gathering information with Sneezy


Decision Making Steps

Define the Why with Sneezy