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Building future digital skills through a unique online entrepreneurship & design-thinking programme

Lumi's mission is to develop one million changemakers, entrepreneurs and tech innovators and to create a global network that accelerates their impact

Lumi's mission

Students develop tech-enabled solutions to real-world problems whilst building and developing critical skills for the future

Digital-first, scalable programme with the potential to run Quests with multiple, different schools and with young people globally

Lumi's Quest programme: a structured design-thinking led journey designed by a Stanford University professor

Students can win formal certification from Stanford-affiliated design-thinking institution Singapore BioDesign

Live, online facilitated sessions by design-thinking-trained students and near-peers from top universities across the world (Harvard, Minerva, UCL, University of Cambridge etc.)

Design-Driven Entrepreneurship Responsible Human-AI collaborationEffective Knowledge Acquisition

Preparing young people to become future-ready:beyond education and into real life

Lumi develops three essential skills for a changing worldwhilst nurturing social entrepreneurship:

By working with gifted students from low socio-economic backgrounds, we can make a bigger impact to narrow the digital divide and address underrepresented groups in the tech industry
There is a clear intersection of interest between students studying Further Maths and Computer Science & Digital Technology
Students receive formal certification in Design Thinking from Singapore Biodesign (Stanford University affiliated) to help them stand out on personal statements when applying to universities
Develops critical employability skills such as collaborative problem-solving, resilience, leadership, confidence, empathy and taking the initiative
Develops digital skills (UX design, wireframing, use of low- and no-code software, tech collaboration and AI tools)

Why should Further mA*ths students join a Lumi Quest?

Benchmarks 4 & 5

A shareable digital credential that evolves with time and showcases:

  • A real time spider-web of skills built through one or many Quests
  • Links to prototypes of innovations developed during the Quest/s
  • Prestigious certifications & awards obtained via Lumi

Singapore Biodesign Certificate(affiliated to Stanford University)

Soon, each participant will have a Lumi Passport that captures skills development as a unique and verifiable credential for the future

Congratulation on becoming a global maker!




Certificate of Completion

Human-AI collaboration: use of cutting edge tech, fostering safe and ethical collaboration with AI tools

A 14 year old female Lumi participant from Vietnam is a top 10 finalist in this year's NFTE World Series of Innovation

Enter global competitionsand win cash prizes

Develop tech-enabled solutions targeting the world's most important problems

Why else should students join a Lumi Quest?

Optional (TBC)
Minimum Scope

Lumi's virtual Quests allow young people aged10-18 to solve real-world problems, collaboratively.

ADVANCED QUESTTest launch, showcase,apply to competitions

INTERMEDIATE QUESTBuild a tech-enabled prototype targeting the chosen problem

PRIMARY QUESTCreate a storyboard to solve a large global problem (based on SDGs)

Further develop prototype with expert help

Evaluate ideas & build wireframe

Select a specific problem- conduct interviews

Research a global problem

Enter the Lumiverse

Develop plan to launch an idea IRL

Take formal assessment to obtain certificate

Create a prototype using in game low code tools

Showcase to potential sponsors

Apply to global contests




Intermediate Quest

  • Design and implement user testing scenarios
  • Refine solution using initial user feedback
  • Develop a more robust solution
  • Get targeted & intensive expert help where needed

Teams bring their ideas to life with the latest technology

  • Collaboratively develop /code the solution e.g. an app, website, chatbot etc.
  • Design the logo, UX and build content
  • Publish the prototype app among friends, family and school for real feedback

The quest divides into smaller teams of 3-4 "Luminaries"

  • Brainstorm around the needs statements
  • Validate idea through first hand surveys & research
  • Identify key components of one's solution
  • Develop the storyboard

  • Research the global challenge and develop a global, fact based view
  • Interview members of the community to gain deeper insights
  • Understand personas - people experiencing the problem
  • Generate precise needs statements

Key Outputs

The programme offers flexible 1 or 2 hour sessions in each Quest, delivered weekly or as a condensed hackathon

Primary Quest

Lumi's Standard Quest Curriculum: Primary + Intermediate





Key Outputs

Lumi's Advanced Quest Curriculum(for select groups, by invitation only)

  • Understand how to measure the success of, and maintain one's business
  • Develop and refine a simple financial model
  • Understand the different ways to fund one's idea
  • Create a business model canvas and simple business plan
  • Understand what a business plan is and why it is important
  • Collaboratively develop a deep view of competitors who are solving a similar problem
  • Implement the 4P's framework (Product, Price, Promotion, Placement) on your solution
  • Develop an approach to customer acquisition

The programme offers flexible 1 or 2 hour sessions in each Quest, delivered weekly or as a condensed hackathon

Advanced Quest



  • A total of 30 hours of facilitated online sessions
    • Weekly: 90 minunte sessions, once/week
    • Hackathon: Full day activities 5 days/week for two week involving 2x90 min sessions in the 1st half of the day with reflection & offline work in the 2nd half of the day
  • Approx. 1 - 2 hours work/week outside of sessions, with some areas requiring 3+ hours
1 x 2-week Hackathon
10 weekly sessions (2.5 months)

3-month online programme

How the Quest could be delivered

For Discussion

IMPERIAL RECRUITS further ma*ths students


Imperial to ensure tech readiness

Lumi facilitators are university students from around the world, vetted and trained by Lumi in design-thinking, digital and AI tools, online group facilitation, low-code product development and safeguarding
Young people from Imperial's Further mA*ths Online Programme programme to join the Quests. We suggest this could be circa 50 students in the first instance.
Participants need to have:
  • Stable WiFi connection
  • Access to Zoom
  • Access to Lumi's learning platform
  • Headphones (if in a shared space)

What Lumi needs to deliver a successful Quest

Dr Tatia Codreanu

Head of Product DesignLecturer at Imperial College London

Global Schools Ambassador, former Head, Kings College Junior School

Gerard Silverlock

Product Lead

Hem Somasekharan

The Lumi Team

Prashant Raizada

Founder and CEO

Christopher Shen

Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Rosie Nicholas

Partnership Lead