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Help the shepherd dog to collect all the farm animals.

Yes,it is.

I'm ten.

I'm not very well.

I'm Monty

How are you?

question 1/10

What's your name?

question 2/10

I'm Alex.

He's Tom.

I'm nine.

Who's that?

question 3/10

That's Meera

That's Lenny.

That's Marie

What's your favorite animal?

question 4/10

My favorite animal is giraffe.

My favortie animal is hippo

My favortie animal is horse.

What's your favorite toy?

question 5/10

question 6/10

Yes, it is.

No,it isn't

Is this a yellow desk?

They are hippos.

This is a hippo.

They are dogs.

What is this?

question 7/10

question 8/10

This is my brother, he is sad.

question 9/10

The bike is next to the chair.

The computer is under the bike.

Yes, it is.

No, it isn't

Where's the bike?

They are dirty horses.

They are short horses.

They are clean horses.

They are small horses.

They are ugly horses.

What are they?

question 10/10

You have collected all the farm animals andhere is a gift to play with them.

well done!

Place the animals

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