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Back to School

You will work in groups of 2 or 3 to complete this Back to School Digital Scavenger Hunt. As you explore each topic, make sure you read carefully and take notes on the information that you found! There will be questions along the way that you will have to answer in order to complete the game, as well as a quiz on the important information at the end so be sure to take good notes!



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Special Classes

Calm Corner/Mindfulness

Morning & AfternoonRoutines

Classroom Library

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Weekly Wrap Up


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Classroom Jobs

Mrs. Fischer

4th Grade Teacher

Hi, 4th Graders! I am SO excited to be your teacher this year. We are going to have a blast learning together and getting to know one another. This is my second year at Andersen and my 10th year teaching overall. I love trying to make learning interactive, fun, and exciting! I hope this year you learn to take risks, be curious, and explore the world around you. It's going be a great year!Love, Mrs. Fischer



  • Mr. Fischer - Engineering Manager
  • Jayden (almost 4!) - Outgoing, adventurous, brave
  • Jackson (2) - prankster, silly, determined

All outdoor activities


Ice cream, iced coffee, and chocolate


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This is where Mrs. Fischer will put anything that you need to take home including flyers, graded tests, and corrected assignments! Students should check their mailbox (same as their student number!) at the end of the day and put their "mail" in their "Parent Mail" folders (inside their 3-Ring Binders). Things that need to be brought back to school will be placed in the "Return to School" side of the folder. Everything that can be kept at home can be placed on the "Keep at Home" side of the folder.Students are responsible for giving parents all paperwork and for cleaning out this section every night!


Student Binders

Student binders should be taken and brought back to school every day. We will organize them together in class the first time, but it is THE STUDENTS' responsibility to make sure it stays organized throughout the year!

Binder Order:1. Planner2. Parent Mail folder 3. Tabs for each subject area (reading, language, writing, math (with math notebook behind), social studies, science, Other

Mrs. Fischer will conduct random binder checks throughout the year to make sure your binders are organized. Students with neat and organized binders may earn some extra class cash while students with messy and unorganized binders may be fined.


Click the hat for some fun!

This year students will be put in houses (just like in Harry Potter!). The people in your house will be like your family for a few weeks! Housemates will work together to earn points for fun prizes and rewards throughout the year!You can Earn Points For...

  • Following directions
  • Working quietly
  • Working cooperatively
  • Supporting and encouraging others (even those not in their houses!)
  • Completing fun challenges with their house teammates!


The Power of Teamwork https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCQg0gMhvOU


Your desks can be super HELPFUL or super HARMFUL to your learning. Messy desks will make it really hard to find the things you need to learn and participate in class, which is why it's super important that we keep it organized every day!Here are the ONLY supplies that students should have in their desks:

  • Student binder
  • Student planner
  • Independent reading book
  • Pencil box (with pencils, erasers, highlighters, post-it notes, etc.)
  • Unfinished Work Folder
A Desk Monitor will check desks at the end of the day! You can earn class cash for having clean desks as well as lose class cash for having a messy desk.

Each student will recieve a planner that they must bring home each night and bring back to school each morning. In this planner, you will record your nightly homework. Mrs. Fischer may also write a quick note to your family to let them know how you are doing at school!


Homework SlidesIf you are absent or just want to double-check the homework once you're home, you can check the Homework Slides in Google Classroom! Check them out here!

HomeworkEvery night, you will read at least 20 minutes and keep track on their reading log. You might also have a quick math assignment, depending on what was taught that day. The only other homework you'll have is unfinished work from class!


  • Your locker (same as your student number) is a place to keep all of your bulky items and textbooks. All textbooks should be lined up straight with the spine of the textbook out.
  • The black magazine file will have your notebooks, clipboard, headphones, and whiteboard materials. They are materials you may need throughout the day!
  • Every morning, you will place your magazine file on your desk then put it back at the end of the day!
  • If your locker is at the top and it's hard to reach, either ask a friend or use the classroom stool!

This is what our Student Lockers should look like!


This area will be used frequently throughout the year and every day! Click on the interactive elements to find out more about each part of our "Hub."

Here is where I will place different flyers, pictures, and important information throughout the year!

This is our classroom printer! If you need extra copies or Mrs. Fischer needs to print something during class time, here is where it will be!

Check-in Every morning you will check-in using your numbered magnet! You will place your number on either "buying" or "bringing" right when you come in. The attendance manager will tell me who is absent and how many people are buying, then at the end of the day, they will move the magnets back over to "Absent" side again.

Extra flyers and assignments will be placed here. If you misplace an assignment and need to redo it, or if you were absent and never received an assignment, check here first! Absent folders will also be placed here in this file. The house leaders need to make sure that the absent folders are placed on the desks of those who are absent and that all assignments done that day are placed inside.

When you turn in assignments, you'll turn it in to the number organizer! This helps Mrs. Fischer organize the assignments quickly and easily. Simply HIGHLIGHT YOUR NAME, then place your assignment behind your number and you are good to go!

We'll also have a place for papers with no names! If you ever think you turned something in but Mrs. Fischer says it is missing, you need to make sure you check the "no name" file!




Students can earn money that can be redeemed for fun items like prizes, rewards, and activities! We'll hold monthly swap meets so students can sell items to others Mrs. Fischer's classroom store will also be open throughout the year!

Each student has their own bank account. The bank account will show all of the transactions as well as their total balance. To access your account, click on the unique link inside Google Classroom under "Classwork" and "Classroom Bank Account."

You can also view our Classroom Economy Info page in Google Classroom which explains all the ways that you can earn or lose money throughout the year!

This year, you'll learn more about:- Place Value- Addition/Subtraction Strategies- Multiplication/Division Strategies- Measurement- Geometry (Angles, Lines, Polygons, Area/Perimeter)- Word Problem-Solving Strategies

This year you will complete word problems to help you learn how to unpack word problems, solve using a variety of different strategies, and participate in math discussions related to efficiency. You will learn more about this soon!


When Mrs. Fischer says, "Get your math materials out," what materials is she talking about?

  • whiteboard
  • whiteboard marker
  • whiteboard eraser
  • clear sleeve
  • Bridges math student book
  • math notebook


"Books are passports to new adventures"

WHAT WILL WE READ?Possible Novel Studies: (Click on the book below for a video book trailer for each!) Holes By the Great Horn Spoon Island of the Blue Dolphins Other: Wonders - McGraw Hill: Fiction & Non Fiction Short Stories Poetry Non Fiction Articles

This year we will learn about:

  • different genres and their features and text structure
  • plot structure
  • theme
  • author's purpose
  • predicting
  • context clues
  • sequencing
  • cause and effect
  • and so much more!

For homework each night, you will be asked to read for 20 minutes and complete one reading assignment. The four reading assignments for the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) will be due on Friday before 8am in Google Classroom. Nightly reading assignments will not be accepted after 2 weeks of its original due date. We do not keep track of AR points, but we will keep track of the books you complete and your AR quiz scores for each book. We have a digital reading log in Google Classroom where we will enter our Independent Reading Level, the range of book levels that we should aim for when choosing a book, and the books we read including when we started and finished them. Find your digital reading log in Google Classroom as well as the link to take the AR quizzes!


This year, we will review the writing process (plan --> publish). You'll challenge yourself as a writer by writing a variety of different genres including:- narrative- informational/expository- opinion- poetry

Writing process


If you ever need another pencil, you can grab one in the cup that says, "Ready to Write." Pencils that need to be sharpened should be placed in the "Please Sharpen" cup. DO NOT USE the pencil sharpener during the day. If there are no sharpened pencils, please talk to Mrs. Fischer. The Pencil Patrol will sharpen pencils at the end of the day!






Language includes: - Grammar - Vocabulary - Greek and Latin Roots - Affixes (Prefixes & Suffixes) - Spelling

We'll first start with a grammar boot camp where we will review different parts of speech. Then, weekly we will use mentor sentences to identify parts of speech and study how authors created writing masterpieces.

We will increase our vocabulary through the different texts we read as well as through Wordly Wise. There are 20 Wordly Wise lessons in all, and we will complete each lesson within one or two weeks. Wordly Wise tests will be completed on Fridays!


We'll look at one or two spelling patterns every week in general! Many of the spelling patterns will be review or building on what you already know.

Social StudiesThink like a historian!

The main focus of this year's social studies curriculum is California history! First we will look at California's geography, then learn about the European explorers, California Missions Sytems, the Gold Rush, and more!


With this feature ... You can add additional content that will excite your audience’s brains: videos, images, links, interactivity ... Whatever you like!

Mrs. Fischer will be teaching both 4th grade classes social studies this year!


What is a Historian? Watch here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIdMgO-tfyE

This year, MR. Reese will primarily teach science to both 4TH-GRADE classes. You'll learn:Energy - speed, energy transfer, making predictions about energy change, energy conversionWaves and their Applications in Technologies for Information Transfer - develop a model of waves, develop a model to describe light reflectionFrom Molecules to Organisms: Structures & Processes - plant and animal structures, sensesEarth's Place in the Universe - rock formations and fossilsEarth's Systems - effects of weathering, rate or erosion, patterns of Earth's featuresEarth & Human Activity - energy from natural resources and its impact on humansEngineering Design - define a problem, generate possible solutions, plan and carry out tests for improvement

Special Classes

Click each image to learn more!

Mr. Carpino will be teaching music this year.

This year, PE will be taught by Mr. Gibson! PE will be held on (day of the week) at (time of day).

Spanish will be taught by Mrs. Townsend. We will go to Spanish on (day of the week) at (time of day). Half of the class will go for a half hour and the other half of the class will go for the other half hour. Spanish groups will be made later on!

Science Lab will be taught by (teacher). Science Lab will be on (day of the week) at (time of day).

Mrs. Oldakowski runs Andersen's library. We will go to the library on (day of the week) at (time of day). If you want to return a library book, place it in the library return bin and on library day, we will have our librarians drop off the books.

Makerspace will be taught by (teacher). We will go to Makerspace on (day of the week) at (time of day).

Whenever 4th graders earn a flag, they get 5 chances to participate in our Bounce Ball game! Once the game is complete, 4th graders earn a classroom party! As a reminder, the more 10's we earn, the better our chances are of getting a flag!

If our class earns a Class Flag, we get a chance to play bounce ball. When the whole 4th grade completes a bounce ball, we earn a 4th grade party!

Calm Corner

the calm corner in our classroom is a safe place for students to relax, reset, and be calm. We will talk about our classroom's calm corner over the next few days!

Morning & Afternoon Routines

What's a soft start?


In the morning, Mrs. Fischer will set a 10 minute timer. During these first 10 minutes, you must complete the following steps, THEN begin a soft start activity. 1. Check-in by moving your numbered magnet from "absent" to either bringing or buying. Students who have choice lunch will put their magnet on "bringing." 2. Bring in your materials (binder, planner, Chromebook, book, etc. ) 3. Turn in assignments - assignments that need to be turned in will be listed on the morning slides 4. If you have late work or your name is on the morning slides, please check in with Mrs. Fischer. If not, you may make a soft start choice!

Mrs. Fischer will set a 10 minute timer again for everyone to complete the following afternoon steps: 1. Write homework down in planner. Click the below picture to learn six quick steps to writing your homework down correctly. 2. Bring your backpack to your desk and put all necessary materials including your planner, binder, and Chromebook inside 3. Make sure your area is cleaned up. Check:

  • No loose papers in desk or in magazine file (unfinished work is in classwork folder)
  • Desk is neat and organized
  • Top of desk is clear
  • Magazine file is put back into locker
  • Under desk is clean with no trash
4. Leave your backpack at your desk area and come and take a seat for community circle.

Introduction here

Classroom Library

We have a really cool digital library that we can access through Epic! Books! On this website, you can search topics and books you'd like to read which will help when you want to do some research or are in-between chapter books. More coming soon!

Need a new book to read or have some extra time in the classroom? Grab a book to read! You are welcome to grab a book whenever you are doing a May Do choice or during recess, lunch, and after school. If you plan to bring a book home, just let Mrs. Fischer know so she can check-in to make sure it is returned! If you borrow a book, please remember to take care of it!

This year I plan to organize our classroom library books by genre. Last year, students began to label the books based on their genre, but we still need to fully organize the classroom library. You should find the genre by looking at the picture in the upper right-hand corner of the book. The lists of genres are on a poster in the library! Check out this video to learn more about genre. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t37PQgzlOl4

Community Circle

Community circle is a time for us to connect, talk about important issues, ask questions, and learn more about each other. In community circle, we sit at the front of the room in a circle, share thoughts and ideas, and even sometimes play quick games. Community circle will happen every morning and most afternoons before we leave for the day.

Weekly Wrap Up

Your weekly wrap up is a document that gives an overview of your work completion and behavior. Assignments that are missing will be written on the lines provided and if it gets completed throughout the week, Mrs. Fischer will cross it off and initial it. Students who have no missing work at the end of the week, will get to attend Scholar's Club. Students must bring their Weekly Wrap Ups home on Fridays, get it signed by a parent or guardian over the weekend, then return it to school on Monday.

What is Scholar's Club? Scholar's Club is available to any student who has completed his or her assignments for the week. If students were absent, they have one week to make it up before it is considered missing. During Scholar's Club, students will get to play games together (some days we might play games inside, other days we may play games outside). Students who do not make it to Scholar's Club will need to work with a teacher during Study Hall to get their assignments completed.


Expectations for ALL assignments:

  • Neat
  • Organized
  • Best effort
  • Follow directions
  • Ask questions when you need help!

Assignments will be listed as:

  • Must Do (Mustard) Assignments - Assignments that are the most important and should be completed first
  • Catch Up (Ketchup) Assignments - Things that you are not finished with yet
  • May Do (Mayo) Assignments - Assignments or activities that students may complete when ALL Must Do and Catch Up assignments are complete.
Hint: Never ask Mrs. Fischer what you should do when you are done. Simply turn your assigments into the number organizer, complete any catch up work that you have (if you have any), and choose a May Do choice from the listed activities!

Classroom Jobs

It's all hands in the middle! We all contribute to our classroom environment and help to make sure it is a great place to learn!

Learn more


Apply to your first classroom job here!

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