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Make colourful safe spaces for everyone (Amera)

Every child to live in a safe place cared for by safe adults (Helen)

That no stigma limit's a child's self esteem and confidence (Mohsina)

All children know that they can have a big brave voice and be listened to and taken seriously (Mel)

Change modality of people who abuse and take advantage of vulnerable people (Djemlie)

That all children were listened to and believed (Jo)

Humility within humans (Pratik)

Everyone to understand what a safe place is - clarity on what is acceptable or not (Sue)

(Mabila) Change hearts and minds of people so they feel more responsible, kind and emphatic

Create more empathetic social and family values (Analia)

All adults more aware of their responsibility for creating a safe environmet (Dasa)

Safety in homes and institutions - everyone is responsibility for safety everywhere (Uzma)

Put women in charge of politics (Ola)

If I was a safeguarding superhero I would ...