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2nd Experimental Primary School of Rhodes,5th Grade (E1):"Cultural water monuments of Rhodes"

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsnkCcBJPAs Lake of the dwarfs is on the west side of Mt Prophet Elijah, between the villages Salakos and Embonas. It is a small natural lake which is filled from the water of the rain. Gizani lives in this lake and it is a small-sized fish which lives exclusively in the freshwater of Rhodes

7springs.gr/?lang=el Seven Springs They are located in a distance of 19 kilometres south-east of the city of Rhodes very close to Archangelos village. It is a superb location with many pinetrees and plane trees where the magnificence of nature is revealed. In this area, there is a lake which is made of seven springs where one can see geese, ducks and peacocks. The temperature in the area is low. The water is canalized in the flatland and waters the fields in Kolimbia. It is worth visiting the tunnel which was made for the old, Italian aqueduct and it comes to an artificial lake with cold water.

The marble faucet with an Ottoman inscription, which during the years of the Greek Revolution adorned the house of the Turkish military commander of Rhodes, Siukiurbey. Today this fountain is located in Symi Square in the city of Rhodes.

Fasouli Spring in Psinthos It is situated in Psinthos village, which can be reached by car through the provincial road Rhodes-Kalithies. In the residential area of Kalithies, there is a junction which leads to Psinthos village and Fasouli spring. There one can enjoy the natural environment around the stream with the rich water vegetation with high platanusorientalis and myrtuscommunis. A small dam of 90 metres in containment of the flow forms a small lake which hosts the protected, unique in the world, little fish called gizani. The stone alleys which were made along the stream make the whole area able to be visited.

Kallithea Springs https://kallitheasprings.com/

Cultural monuments in Karditsa

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