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What Do We Use at the Q?

Tools and Systems

Qsource uses various tools and systems to streamline our operations and enhance efficiency in achieving our goals. Just like a symphony is created, your everyday work requires different instruments to create harmony. All tools must work together seamlessly as a system to produce the desired outcome.

What makes Qsource work?





Pro Tech Support

Microsoft 365


Hub Spot

Hey Taco


Gov Spend + Fed MIne


Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Sign

Award Co

360 Learning Management System

Qsource's Tool Box


Qville is the house that Qsource built. All of our resources are linked directly from the Qville site and organized by either topic or department. If you are ever in doubt about where to find information, always start at home.


Let's Start in Qville!

Human Resource Tools

Let's celebrate! Award Co helps us celebrate birthdays and service anniversaries with points and prizes.

Hey Taco brings our team together to celebrate successes and show appreciation for each other. Hey Taco is integrated into our Microsoft Teams platform.

Award Co.
Hey Taco!

Employee Recognition Tools

Hey there! How's everything going?

  • Here at Qsource, we really care about how you're doing. That's why we use Happybot to check in on your job satisfaction, how you're feeling about your current tasks, and your overall well-being.
  • Don't worry, your responses are completely anonymous. We just want to make sure you're doing okay and see if there's anything we can do to help.


Are you traveling for work? Qsource uses Concur expense management to streamline travel plans, expenses, and invoice management. The link to Concur can be found in Qville under the Human Resources tab.

Concur Expense Management

UKG provides all the information and tools you need to manage your benefits, view your pay stubs, and keep track of your performance goals.

UKG Workforce Management

  • Qsource has launched a new online compliance reporting platform called FaceUp.
  • This platform is designed to provide a secure and confidential avenue for employees, contractors, consultants, and organization stakeholders to report concerns related to potential misconduct, violations of company policies, unethical behavior, regulatory non-compliance, fraud, or illegal activities.

Face Up

Qsource uses Unanet to keep up with the time you spend working on your projects. Finance will help you get set up in Unanet and ensure that you have access to all of your time codes.


Information Security

Information Security and ProTech E-Orders

Marketing and Communication (MarCom)

Beautiful AI
Gov Spend


MarCom E-Orders


Are you excited to learn?

  • At Qsource, we use the 360 Learning Management System to create new training, content, and learning opportunities just for you!
  • Our friendly training team is always working hard to provide you with educational topics that you can access anytime. So, are you ready to dive in and expand your knowledge?

360 Learning Management System

Project Management

  • Qsource uses Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Pro to help create and edit PDFs.
  • Adobe Sign is used to E-sign documents and collect signatures. Adobe is pre-installed in your system.

Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Sign

  • Qsource uses Smartsheet to assign tasks, track project progress, manage calendars, share documents, and manage other work.
  • Contact the Project Management Office to learn more about how we use Smartsheet at the Q.


  • What do you do when you have a new project? Tell Wrike!
  • Wrike is another project management app we use at the Q. Using a ticket-based system, Wrike helps our teams manage incoming projects. Need to rebrand material? Navigate to Qville and submit a ticket for MarCom.
  • Do you need project management support? Submit a ticket for the PMO department. We're here to help!


Wrike requests are located on Qville's Home Page

Customer Relationship Management

  • At Qsource, we love using Salesforce to get to know our customers better and grow our organization!
  • With Salesforce, we can easily share customer information across all departments and devices.
  • It helps us connect with our customers on a deeper level and build lasting relationships.


Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

  • Microsoft 365 is an efficient productivity application that helps you create, edit, and share documents with your team.
  • At The Q, we rely on Microsoft 365 for collaboration, communication, and document management.
  • The platform includes various applications we use daily, including Outlook for email management, Teams for collaboration, Sharepoint for document management and sharing, Forms for survey creation, and Power BI for data analysis and visualization.
  • SharePoint is a platform designed for collaborative purposes, fully integrated with Microsoft 365.
  • At The Q, we use SharePoint as a reliable system to store and manage documents, allowing you to create, share, and collaborate with your team members.
  • You can access the curated SharePoint site for each team in Qville, which provides easy access to all the required information.


Microsoft Teams

Are you looking to schedule a meeting or just have a friendly chat? You can use Microsoft Teams to do all of that and more! With Teams, you can easily connect with others, share files, and collaborate from anywhere, all within one app. Here at The Q, we love using Teams to keep in touch with our colleagues, organize meetings, and celebrate great work. Plus, we've got some fun features like Hey Taco, which lets our teams send "tacos" to show appreciation and Happybot, which helps us measure job satisfaction. So, let's connect on Teams soon!

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Apps

There are several apps you can use and customize based on your needs. The Q uses the Forms app to create internal and external surveys

Power BI

Visualize any data and integrate the visuals into the apps you use every day with Power BI

Office Tools

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel helps you and your team plan, work, and collaborate


Email and calendar, together in one place. Send, receive, and manage your email. Use Outlook's built-in calendar to keep track of appointments and events.

Show Your Q Spirit!

Where does your Q-Buddy live? Our interactive Q-Buddy map represents where our associates live, work, and play.

Show us your team spirit! We have Qsource swag from t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, and caps that may be purchased in our Swag Store.

Qsource Swag




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Social Media

Michelle Hoover, Team Trainermhoover@qsource.org

Brian Witt, HR Specialistbwitt@qsource.org

Ashley Mattingly, IT Operations Lead amattingly@qsource.org

Denise Gee, VP of HR and Compliancedgee@qsource.org

Welcome to the Q! If you have any questions please reach out to:

The following admin services can be requested via an ADMIN SERVICES request form: Printing - booklet creation, certificates, mail merges, etc. Binding & Assembly - Reports of various sizes, meeting and class binders, etc. Laminating - Lamination machine can handle items up to 8.5 x 14 Mail/Shipping - Packing and shipping via USPS, UPS & FedEx Data Entry Proofreading Document Formatting/Manipulation Transcription
Do you have a new project or need support for a current project? Contact the Project Management Office using the PMO Request Form.
Need analytic support? Submit a Wrike ticket for analytics, or data visualization needs.
Contact MarCom for branding, podcast development, marketing campaigns, or content management.