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Nelson mandela



his history


Nelson Mandela was born on 18 July 1918 in the Union of South Africa. He is known as a politician who led the fight against apartheid, which led him to the presidency of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. His life revolved around the fight against racial segregation.


his history

"We were treated like dirtand I was furious inside. I wanted to take action, so I founded the ANC Young League togheter with my colleagues. We fought for the rights of our people. Many of ours leaders were living under house arrest or were inprisoned, and I was one of themI was arrested for sabotage and imprisoned on Robben Island. On 11 th February 1990 Iwas set free from prison after 27 years. Four years later, the first democartion elections took place and I became South Africa's first black president. My long walk to freedom was over, and my dream of a democratic South Africa was finally coming true."

Nelson was not his real nameIn 2012, the Central Bank of South Africa issued a banknote with his face on it in recognition of his work for the country.


He was on the US list of suspected terrorists.A woodpecker is named after himPeace Day is celebrated in his honour