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Work Pilots is the A-B-C model to grow into suitable jobs by building our employability in multiple small steps



THe Path to the first job

- and then to the next...

Newly educated & young adults

68% wants more flexible ways to make their first work experiences. The leap into full time employment can be huge and challenging.

Seniors with energy for more

"The goal is to get 50.000 more seniors back into the job market in the next 5 years"

Adults with disabilities or special needs

Many who have a handicap are left outside of the job market, but they want to be part of it. Most never had a study job. 20% of 19-20 year olds are not seeking Education


Kilder: VIVE, SUMH., Denmark

Source: Faglige Seniorer,2022


Documented Results from Finland
show the way

-For the groups of adults and youth who today are outside of the job market..

More, smaller but successfully completed jobs/tasks and inclusive work experience is the path towards a suitable job or education

"The key is growing our employability in small steps"

Eija Kiviranta


Fra "Any Task" over "Better tasks" To "Career"

Create CV & Job application templates. Courses & training as needed

Send your applications, join LinkedIn and Job boards, career fairs etc.

Screening of candidates, inviting for interviews, interviews,
hiring decision

Remaining in employment until the process is repeated at job change.


Job matching

Application process


The Work Pilots A-B-C Model

The traditional path to job:

Any Task

Build your online CV
with feedback from your first completed tasks

Better Task

Building competences, increased focus on what Better tasks means. Improved employability

suitable job

Jobs, tasks or education that is better suited to your aspirations, desired skills and next opportunities


MobilE Jobcenter* FOR HIRING for TASKS

In Finland, 20+ municipalities use a new, digital

Citizens with special needs, incl. handicap, but also refugees, immigrants, seniors and youth without education can grow into increased employability in smart and personalized ways.

Note: *jobcenter: Work Pilots is not a complete IT solution to replace public unemployment initiatives, but is a stand-alone and integratable solution that helps those who need a different approach!

demo OF the work pilots APP


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Lars Lin villebæk

Founder, Educatefor.Life

Eija kiviranta

Co-founder & CEO

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