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Maria Theresia GymnasiumLycée Marguerite de Navarre


Erasmus plusFebruary 2023

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Pôle des étoiles



Tuesday : ice breaker


Here, there are six bears and six fish. So how does it work ?The hint was that bears make groups to fish around holes in the ice and they wait around it.The solution is that when there is a dot in the middle, all the dots around it are polar bears necause the dot in the center represents an ice hole. So there are two bears on the 3 and four bears on the 5.The fish are under the hole so the number of fish is the number on the opposite side of the hole. So there four fish under the 3 and two under the 5.The 2 has no fish and no bears because it has no ice hole.

To break the ice on day 1, the teachers organized an activity in which we had to break a code.We made groups of four and every group had three dice. We had to throw the dice and the teachers would tell us the number of polar bears and fish we had. After that, each group had to find out how the teachers would come up with that.In the end, two groups had the solution after a hint of the teachers.

day 1 : polar bears and fishes

List of Experiments:
The Gas Serpent: Isabel, Païkan and PiaThe Chemical garden: Ayutthaya, Jonathan and PaulThe Gas flame: Sarah, Simon D and Pierre-YvesSilver-mirror: Inès, Simon M and Alex
We split up into groups of three and prepared several experiments, which we will record in Germany, in order to make educational videos of those experiments.
Goal of the exchange:



It was really cool, we did a mixture of liquid soap and glycerin, put it in a funnel joined with a bottle of gas and the bubbles appeared. I took the bubbles in my hand and Pia set my hand on fire with a match. I was scared the first time because it was hot, but the second time it was pure enjoyment. I liked putting Pia's hand on fire as well.

The gas serpent

The ionic strength is higher in the sodium silicate solution than in the crystals. This will increase the pressure in the membrane and it will create a hole. The insides will go through the hole and will grow upwards.The shape and the color of the crystals will change depending on the crystals used. The most oftenly used ones are copper, iron and iron chloride.

How it works


Step 1 : Put sodium silicate solution into a transparent containerStep 2 : Put crystals of metal salts into itStep 3 : Wait for the garden to create

How to do it

The chemical garden is an experiment based on the mix of non-organic matter. Its name comes from the way it looks at the end the experiment.

The chemical garden


On Tuesday we made an experiment with gaz . When you put a match to it the gaz (Propane) reacts to the oxygen and forms a flame.In the test tube there are two forms of the gaz : Liquid and gazeous . You can see professor Meyer explains this like a master. Simon and Pierre-Yves

our experimentgaz flame


Reduction of a Diamminosilver (I) - complex ([Ag (NH3)2]+ ) to elementary silver (Ag)Oxidation of Dextrose (C6H12O6)Alex & Simon & Inès

Silver Mirror


Reduction of a Diamminosilver (I) - complex ([Ag (NH3)2]+ ) to elementary silver (Ag)Oxidation of Dextrose (C6H12O6)Alex & Simon & Inès

Silver Mirror

Testing our digital skills in the categories :- Communication and Collaboration-Social Media- Protection and Data

Pix (Digital skills)

📍 Nancay, Thursday February 09, 2023

Visiting the observatory

Secondary mirror (300 m)

Guide's explanation on how the radiotelescope works


  • shorter school days
  • more meals, but smaller lunch/ no lunch at school
  • slighly slower classes, but more exercises
  • 3 small school buildings with a lot less space


  • longer school days
  • fewer meals, but bigger lunch
  • fast paced classes
  • two school buildings with a lot of space

Differences between school in france and Germany

And we are so pretty too ;)

Next, we went to the cathedral.It is so pretty !

First, we ate in Quick because there was not enough room in the other fast food.Cheese !

On Wednesday afternoon, the whole group visited Bourges...


To finish, we ate some snacks. Very nice day !

We rode a Merry-Go-Round...... and a little guy joined us!(under the green cloud !)

We spent a lot of time in the Archevêché Garden !

The French food is very tasty. At the top you can see photos of our journey to Bourges. The French food (gratin dauphinois, French cheese apple cake,...) in our families was delicious as well. The canteen of the high school was much better than in Germany.

The french food

Setting Pia on fire
The Pia-chocolate-Incident
Everybody on the merry-go-round
Group meal at Quick
Alex, sarah and Pia on a merry-go-round in the park
Simon and Païkan on the see-saw
Funny Moments:
Pia, definitely not trying to murder Païkan
POV: Simon
Ah yes, Toilettes
Lab coats
Païkan having fun in Bourges
More Funny Pictures:

See you in Augsburg in May !