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Iván Seisdedos GonzálezInstitut Lluís Companys (Ripollet)


Amsterdam International Community School (AICS)



























September 25th

We had to wake up early because our flight to Amsterdam left at 7:15 am. At the airport, we met Paula and Mireia, our colleagues from Àngels Alemany i Boris school. Once in Amsterdam, we left our luggage in the apartment and ran to the centre. There were a lot of things to visit and a short time to do it! Luckily, we had a wonderful time, so we could admire the flower market. We also visited some book shops (can not be helped!). But probably the greatest experience was walking near to the canals.

A bit of sightseeing

ARRIVAL in Amsterdam

First day!


September 26th

Second day

Matthew and the school library

First day at school

We arrived at school at 8 am, and we met Matthew, the responsible librarian. He showed us the school facilities and he explained to us how many people work and study there. We were impressed by the size and functionality of the school library and by the human and material resources.After lunch, Matthew y Despina gave us some information: budgets, digital platforms they use, cataloguing… Afterwards, we presented our two schools (Lluís Companys and Àngels Alemany i Boris).

The AICS facilities (South Campus)

AICS school library

Workspace for students

First floor

Primary years programme books

Dutch children's books

Ground floor

Middle years programme books

First floor

Ground floor

September 27th

Third day

Second day at the AICS library. In the morning, we met Pierluigi, who explained to us the functioning of the library programme to catalogue and lend books. We could also attend a storytelling activity which took place at the library. Afterwards, it was our time to work, so we spent some time lending books to the students. In the afternoon, Esther and I went to the South-East Campus library with Despina and Fani. They organised a storytelling activity with a very interesting debate at the end. At night, we joined Paula and Mireia and visited the Anne Frank House before we had some dinner.

and visiting South-East Campus

We started working

Loan service

September 28th

Fourth day!

In the morning, we had breakfast in the library with a volunteer mother. She was going to help in the library some afternoons and Matthew and Despina explained to her the role she would have to perform. Afterwards, we helped the librarians by lending books to the students and organising the library. In addition, Despina explained to us how they chose the books they acquire for the library (they accept recommendations and requests from students and teachers). After lunch, we went with Fani, Matthew and Despina to one of the bookshops they trust the most to buy some books for the library.

after working

Shopping day

Shopping day!

Buying a lot of books in The American Book Center, an English bookshop in downtown.

In the afternoon...

Breakfast and work.

In the morning...

September 29th

Fifth day!

Thursday was a quiet day. While Paula and Mireia went to the South-East Campus, Esther and I stayed at the Main Campus doing some librarian work. We had some time to advance our project tasks too. We also had the opportunity to attend a high-school lesson about banned books (and we took some ideas we will apply at home!). Later, the primary students came for one of their storytelling sessions. We had a great time and even Esther dared to read them a story! In the evening, the four of us took a guided tour of the Red Light District. It was very entertaining and we learned interesting things about that area of the city.

Fourth day at school

Red Light District

September 30th

Our last day at the AICS we wanted to thank our hosts. This is why we woke up a little bit earlier and prepared some Spanish omelettes for the evening.In the morning we helped Mousami during his daily tasks as a librarian. Then, we thanked her for all the help and good advice she provided to us.

In the morning...

It's time to say goodbye

Sixth day

September 30th

After work, Matthew and his husband invited us to taste some typical Dutch food at their place. We contributed to the dinner with the Spanish omelettes and with Spanish cold meat. We also gave them a present from our schools.

In the afternoon...

It's time to say goodbye

Sixth day

See you!

October 1st

Last day

Enjoying our last hours

Free time

Our last day in Amsterdam started with a delicious breakfast in a cafe in the centre. We spent a couple of hours buying souvenirs for our families and friends. We would have visited some more places, but we had to go to the airport earlier than expected due to the long queues. It was time to say goodbye to Amsterdam and go back home full of new great experiences!


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