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Propelling els forward using technolgy based skills and strategies




Instructional Technology Secondary Level

Sarah Mills

Elementary ESOL

York County Public Schools

Cara Miles

ESOL Instructional Coach

ESOL Secondary Lead

Tara Hefner

Instructional Technology

Secondary Level

Ryan Champney

team creators/presenters

What is Prop-el?

Our purpose

Create a homebase of resources for teachers to access throughout the year

Provide technology-based supports, strategies, and scaffolds for teachers of ELs
Host professional development sessions for teachers
Make teachers, administrators, and staff aware of the needs for supports for their EL students
Reveal the growing numbers of EL students in the county

Our Goals:

  • Create website that had ESOL approved resources
  • Create Canvas training modules
  • Launch to entire county (31 schools)
  • Pass out stress balls
  • Success 👍

Created website

Created part of Canvas training courses
Hundreds of staff changes
Frustration and confusion
Partial launch; focus on training

Regroup Meeting :)
Set a clear plan with actionable items
Clearly communicated timeline

Spoke to all principals/ division leaders
Showcased our project
Working on next steps to share resources

What Happened:

Let's Explore the Canvas site!

Let's Explore the website!


  • Create a central place to house all of your stuff (ie. shared drive)
  • Document everything for your meetings in one place. Assign specific tasks to specific people.
  • Follow up on those tasks Set up and agree to a plan of action.
  • Think about the details
(The “How” and The “Who”)


Q: How do staff members get into the

Canvas trainings?
A: Canvas Course launched as self-enroll
for staff.

Q: What about the state ESOL requirements? A: VDOE State Mandates, VDOE Federal
Monitoring/Compliance Requirements,
and WIDA ELD Standards

thank yoU.