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The Magic of Genially

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Premade Tables

Insert Videos & Sound

Edit Background

Review & Add Pages

Insert Buttons

Insert Graphics

Add and edit Pictures

Add and edit text

Let's review the tools

Lock an Item

Group Items Together

Animate an Item

Add Interactivity

Make an Item "Dragable" or Not

What makes genially special...

Choose what you want to happen when you click on the item.

So cool and so easy!!

11. learning units

10. flashcards

09. guides/notes

07. Escape Games

04. posters & Infographics

02. interactive images

08. videos

05. Certificates

03. Quizzes

06. Games

01. Presentations

What all can you make?

Amazing Games!

You can Make

with Some great templates

You change the window text in "Interactivity" to change the questions or information.
This game runs on interactivity tools and animations.
You can edit the text boxes
Start by looking at the game in Preview Mode to fully understand how it works and is setup.
These items are either locked or not dragable.


If kids go around once, add another slide (or duplicate and edit) to keep the game going.

The "dragability" setting makes these game pieces movebale by the players.
This is a special custom-built animation that is not easy to edit.
You can change the icons, but you will need to duplicate the animations and interactivity items.

These two aren't technically "Games," but might be useful for something else.

and some not so great templates

Escape Games!

You can Make

Tons of Amazing Templates

Like with Quizzes, most follow the same basic design. They just have a different layout and theme.

But there are a few that have some cooler features...

This escape game looks super complex, but it is all built around "Go to Page" and "Tooltip" from the interactivity button.

This is an interactive picture. When students click on the arrows, a tooltip comes up. This leads them to the correct arrow to click on to advance. Then that arrow is set to go to the next page when clicked.

Let's Look at one together...

Notice the sequence of the piano pages. If students click the correct first note, it takes them to a seemingly identical page to select the correct second note and so on. If incorrect, it takes them to the XXX page with a try again button.

Open the template and look at the grid view of all the pages.

Try to be clear in your directions. Home buttons and back buttons can be extremely helpful to students as well.

"Remember these notes. Click on the piano and play them in the correct order"

"Remember these notes and play them on the piano in the correct order"


The toolchest takes them to a slide with the items they would have gained to reach that point in the game.

This is created using the "Dragability" button. When they find the key, it takes them to the next page upon click.

But others, not so much...
Some items are easily edited...
Don't forget that you can pull any page from any genially template. Then you can copy and paste an item or edit the page to get what you need for your project.

This "Revealer" circle is something a designer created that I cannot figure out...yet...But you can copy and paste it to whatever you are creating using keyboard Ctrl C then Ctrl V.

Lay the magnifying glass over the revealer circle and group them to make a revealer tool.

Note: Embedding one presentation into another is something that Genially can do that Google Slides cannot.

For an escape game, you can also add in other elements, tasks, and challenges. Here is an example...


You can Make

Their "Videos" are basically automatically advanced presentations. They have a lot of animation, though, so you could pull slides from video templates to use in other projects.

You adjust the video settings by pulling out the right side menu and selecting the "Navgation" tab.

Look at the resources on the Genially page of the Tech Hub.

Visit the "Academy" from the hamburger menu.

Check out Genially Level 1 Training on the DCS Tech Hub.

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