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Crowdsourcing corpus filtering for pedagogical purpose project: A fruitful partnership between computer science and linguistics

Webinar 26 January 2023 (Thursday) 11:30am (UK time)

Tanara Zingano Kuhn

EuroCALL CorpusCALL SIG | Twitter: @corpuscall_sig | Facebook: CorpusCALL

Many applied linguists doing research in the area of corpus-based language learning and teaching often need the contribution from computer science experts to achieve their goals. Such contributions can be challenging, considering the different areas of knowledge involved. In this talk, we will share our experience carrying out the Crowdsourcing Corpus Filtering for Pedagogical Purposes project, in which linguists and computer scientists work collaboratively to develop a solution to create problem-labelled pedagogical corpora. We will claim that one possible way to establish a fruitful partnership is when researchers from both areas are summoned to actively participate in the project from its origin. It is necessary that all team members become familiar with unknown terms, learn about new topics, and acquire new skills. This rewarding synergy enriches all the participants with new knowledge and research ideas.


Tanara Zingano Kuhn is a researcher at the Centre for the Studies of General and Applied Linguistics (CELGA-ILTEC), University of Coimbra (Portugal). Her main research interests are in the area of Applied Linguistics, mainly Lexicography, Corpus Linguistics, and Portuguese as an Additional Language (PAL).

Rina Zviel Girshin

Dr. Rina Zviel Girshin is Head of Programming Studies and Head of Knowledge Engineering and Robotics Lab at the Faculty of Engineering at Ruppin Academic Center of Israel. Her fields of interest are AI applications, Decision Support Systems, Human-Computer Interaction, Smart Systems, Gamification, Educational Software, Crowdsourcing and Language Learning, STEM and CS education.

Participation is free of charge. Register here to get the Zoom link.