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white doors e8 exam practice mini arkusz


white doors e8 exam practice

Six tasks are waiting for you behind the doors.

Interact with characters everytime you see them.

What? I'm not doing anything. Just sitting.

Click on the bath to practise dialogues.


Uzupełnij dialog. Wpisz w każdą lukę brakujący fragment wypowiedzi, tak aby otrzymać spójny i logiczny tekst. Luki należy uzupełnić w języku angielskim. Wykorzystaj wyrazy podane w nawiasie, ale nie zmieniaj ich formy.

Ben: Hi, Tom! How's the renovation of your bathroom going?
Tom: Awful! (know) 1. _____________ how hard it is to find a good worker?
Ben: Why, what's wrong with the man you hired?
Tom: He was careless! (not matter) 2. _______________ how many times
I told him that I don't want tiles on the walls - he did the same mistakes every day, so I fired him.
Ben: Oh no. And have you found anybody else?
Tom: Yes, but it was a disaster as well! The second man worked really slowly and he kept (talking) 3. _______________ phone.
Ben: Very unprofessional of him. So, what now?
Tom: I hired the third man yesterday. If (goes) 4. _______________ , my bathroom will be ready in a month.


1. Do you know

2. It didn't matter

3. talking on the

4. all goes well


Who are you and what are you

doing in my bathroom?!

Go away!

Welcome to our tea party.

Grab a cup and practise some reactions.

Dla każdej z opisanych sytuacji wybierz właściwą reakcję.

1. Zapytaj kolegę na który smak hebraty
ma ochotę.

a) Which flavour do you fancy?
b) Will you regret this flavour?
c) Can you order this flavour?


3. Podczas popołudniowej herbatki Koala opowiada Ci, że miał paskudny dzień. Jak zareagujesz?

a) Not at all!
b) Wow, terrific!
c) That's terrible!

2. Pytasz koleżankę, czy możesz napić się
łyka jej herbaty, aby sprawdzić, czy jej
napój jest smaczniejszy od Twojego.
Co Ci odpowie?

a) It doesn't mean anything!
b) By all means!
c) What does it mean?

4. Nie rozumiesz co powiedział Koala, bo nie
znasz dobrze misiowego. Co powiesz?

a) I don't know that.
b) Sorry, it's not clear to me.
c) Sorry, I do understand.

1. a

2. b

3. c

4. b

You still here?

The party is over.

Go home, I had a terrible day.

Are you the journalist who wants

to write an article about

what happened to our family?

Great, sit down and make notes.

This is my son, Connor.

Let's start.

Przeczytaj tekst. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią tekstu.

1. Connor White will:

a) get an award for his work
b) be punished for his graffiti
c) work in the Buckingham


the correct answer is --> B


2. Connor White wanted to:

a) express his great disappointment
b) thank the king for the palace
c) show his admiration of the
palace's architecture

the correct answer is --> C


3. It's not the first time Connor's mum:

a) has talked with him about the consequences of creating graffiti in public places
b) has been really proud of her son's artistic skills
c) has picked her son up from the police station

the correct answer is --> A


See? My son is innocent.

Thank you for writing down

his side of the story.

See you later!

Hi, are you the cousin of uncle George?

Nice to finally meet you!

Sit down and enjoy our party!

Przeczytaj tekst. Wybierz poprawne uzupełnienie luk: A, B lub C.

Talia Camila Flores & Stephen Anthony Byrne
(1) _____ the honor of your company
at the celebration of their union

Saturday, the (2) _____ of June
two thousand and twenty two
at four o’clock (3) _____ the afternoon

Arctic Club Hotel
700 Third Avenue
Seattle, Washington
Reception (4) _____

(1) A: requests B: request C: was requesting (3) A: on B: at C: in
(2) A: eleventh B: eleven C: elevenst (4) A: to follow B: to follows C: to followed


(1) B

(2) A

(3) C

(4) A

wedding invitation example

on the basis of shutterfly.com

Yeah, that was an awesome party!

Say "hi" to uncle George, it's a shame he couldn't make it.

Good to see you, my cats drive me crazy!

Here, do you want one?

Click on the one that you would like to adopt!

(Explain your choice in English.)

Uzupełnij zdania wykorzystując w odpowiedniej formie wyrazy podane w nawiasach. Nie zmieniaj kolejności wyrazów, dodaj jednak dodatkowe wyrazy, jeśli jest to koniecznie. W każdą lukę możesz wstawić maksymalnie trzy wyrazy.


There 1. _________ (be / any) eggs in the fridge. I have to go shopping.

Sorry, I can't meet you tomorrow. Can we meet 3. _________ (Monday / morning)?

A: How can I get to the bank?
B: Go straight on. The bank
2. ________ (be / next) the cinema.

Susan is 4. ________ (as / old) me.
We are both 14 years old.

1. aren't any

2. is next to

3. on Monday morning

4. as old as

Phew, they all went to sleep behind the furniture.

I'm going to watch a film.

Bye, don't forget your adopted cat!


Welcome do Canada!

Click on the beaver and practise

listening comprehension!

Then, click on the moose

and do the task.

(Usłyszysz dialog. Na podstawie informacji zawartych w nagraniu, z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą. Aby nie było zbyt łatwo - zminimalizuj zakładkę z filmem i skup się wyłącznie na słuchaniu.

Jeśli trzeba - odtwórz nagranie x2.)

Na podstawie informacji zawartych w filmiku uzupełnij luki od 1 do 5.

1. The man has never 1. ____________________ before.

2. The man would like to 2. ____________________ seat.

3. The man put his 3. ___________, ___________, and ___________ in the yellow bin.

4. The man ordered 4. __________ and __________ on the plane.

5. The man will stay in Canada for 5. ____________________.

1. flown

2. take a window

3. money, keys, laptop

4. noodles, mango juice

5. a month