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TM2 Manresa

23rd-25th november 2022

















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The Lluvià house is family house. It was designed by the modernist architect from Manresa Ignasi Oms i Ponsa.The building is characterized by an original play of volumes that combines a central body with two towers of different proportions and heights. Of particular note is the flowery, typically modernist decoration, composed of sgraffitos on the walls, floral ornamentation on the capitals and corbels, and a profile of tiles and ingots on the cornices. Today, the Lluvià house houses the headquarters of the delegation of the Central Regions of the Architects' Association of Catalonia.

Mountain train or cable car to visit one of the most significant natural reserves in Catalonia.


At the Fundació Bofill, the most influential non-profit organization in Catalonia with the goal of promoting transformation and social change, especially in the field of education.

Lecture by Ms Azucena Vázquez, experienced teacher with a Master Degree in e-learning. Doctor in education and technologies. Educational researcher, designer and implementer of training processes in active methodologies with integration of digital technologies in universities, public administrations and other institutions. Director of Digital Transformation at Escuela21.

El Canonge was born from a project of the Ampans Foundation to create job placement opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities; people who have been trained in hospitality and kitchen services and who carry out their work professionally.

COST: 16€ per person

And this is Guillem Catà!

Institut Guillem Catà

If time and weather are on our side, we plan to take you around the city to have a look at the most emblematic places.

Be prepared to walk!

The lunch will be approximately 20€ per person

Dinner at Cal Miliu:

Traditional Catalan cuisine in good company!

And live music!

Address: Carrer de la Codinella, 9


Telephone number: +34 608 566 126


20XX - 20XX

For those of you who are travelling by train from Barcelona to Manresa:

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For those of you who will be travelling by taxi from Barcelona to Manresa:


Spain's government recently has slashed the cost of public transport tickets to help people deal with rising inflation.

  • The easiest option is to take the Aerobus from the airport to Plaça Catalunya.

  • There, you change to the RENFE train station and take R4 line to Manresa.

From Airbus stop to RENFE Rodalies Train Station

At the station, we recommend you buy the Free Transportation Card. You will have to pay a 10€ fee at the ticket vending machines at the station and you need to provide a passport or a telephone number. You can use this ticket for as many short distance train rides as you like. The problem is that they only return the initial fee after you have used it 16 times. Still, it will be cheaper as we will use it again on our way back to Barcelona. Most vending machines have an English option, but just in case you have to look for the ‘ABONAMENT GRATUÏT PER VIATGERS FREQÜENTS’ option.

Your driver is Manel and his contact number is +34630918900

He will be waiting for you at the arrivals door.


Marta Codina

+34 636 97 81 20

Do you need to talk?
Here are our numbers.

Àngels Ginestà

+34 628 65 45 26

Albert Bacardit

+34 669 58 63 25

Núria Rodríguez

+34 622 51 33 00


Feeling hungry?

Here are our suggestions


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You won't have much time left for sightseeing. But for those who like to know where they are....


- La LLum que portes dins (video promotion)

There are many things to do in Barcelona! Scroll this site for information but we recommend to buy the tickets directly on the official sites.

If you are planning to visit the Sagrada Familia, you should book your tickets in advance!