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Book by: Philippa PearcePubsished: 1958

Tom's midnight garden

When tom is sent away from is family , He is now in the hands of his aunt and uncle. Going from a fancy town to a tiny little hottle is a big change for him. But tom soon finds a grandfather clock. Thats normal right? in the night he wakes up not to the clock striking 12 but to it striking 13. Tom is curious to find out what this means . He steps out of his bed and heads towards the door. Steps outside but hes not in the hotel anymoore, If hes not there then where is he?


> Peter>Cousin(they dont have a name for him> The repair man

Minor charectors

Main charectors

> Tom> Hatty> aunt gwen or aunt> uncle allen

The setting of the book are: > the garden> the tree house> Toms room> The ice rink> His house> and the hotel


I would rate this book a 4/5 stars. It did get a little boring and confusing at the end. But overall i think it was a good book. I would rate this for mature 4th grade and up. It was a little hard to read and there was a little violence in the bookMy favorite part is a spoiler but if you read the book towrds the end its probably what you expect.


The end