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MODULE 5 - Unit 7



Instruments To Support Women’s Work-Life Balance

The UN Women website highlights several tools in support of a more equitable work-life balance for women:

  • Gender balance strategies: designed to improve the status of women by enhancing monitoring and accountability and improving the work environment
  • Temporary special measures: meant to help accelerate the achievement of gender parity.
  • Staff selection systems to increase the proportion of qualifies female candidates and eliminate hiring biases
  • Exit interviews to provide insights into organizational barriers in the workplace
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Expert group meeting to explore the latest research and policies developed on this topic
For more personal measures, the necessity of being able to keep work-life and home-life separate, whenever possible, is well-documented to be important when talking about work-life balance. One should be well aware of their own limits and, if at all possible, set firm boundaries to be able to work within those limits.

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