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choisy Haunted SCHOOL



"You came to visit the school Choisy but the doors of the gate close behind you. You are now trapped with the ghosts of the school that can’t get out."


If you don't want to stay stuck with the ghosts, You have to explore the school and understand their stories."

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Bonjour, Je suis M BRAINSBUCK. J'étais le concierge de cet établissement de 1927 à 1954. Aujourd'hui je dois m'occuper des fantômes qui hantent l'école et souhaitent ne pas être oubliés. Malheureusement pour vous, ces fantômes ne savent s'exprimer qu'en anglais, langue de leurs ancêtres.

En cliquant sur la lumière au-dessus de moi, vous pourrez la déplacer et trouver le message caché dans l'image. Celui-ci vous dira comment sortir et ne pas rester coincé ici avec les esprits oubliés du passé. Bonne chance

You just entered the Malouinière. Explore it to find your way out...


It's closed...

It's too dark...

Open inventory...

Recently, during the rearrangement of the malouiniere, we saw bloody marks, we heard strange shouts and grindings. We searched and we found an old article which was dated of the 31th of october 1937. This article said that…

“ One day, a student named Thomas decided to visit the malouiniere of the middle school Choisy. It was a stormy day and he rushed inside the malouiniere, it was rainy. Inside it was dark, Thomas didn’t worry and he kept moving. A few days later nobody heard from Thomas, and the police was called. The police decided to explore the middle-school. A month later they found his bleeding body.
Nobody knew what had happened “

Hiam and Elise will introduce you to the ghost of Thomas, a real nice boy.

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Où s'est déroulée cette histoire


Dans une classe

Dans la malouinière

Au self

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Comment s'appelait cet enfant ?





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Pourquoi est il entré dans la malouinière ?

Il était poursuivi par des chiens

Pour s'abriter de l'orage

Il était simplement curieux


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It's not correct...

Find the key to continue

Continue exploring the school. Upstairs are the dormitories


It's too dark...

Inventario abierto...

Lily, Jade and Juliette will now tell you about the ghost of the dormitory.
Find the button with the light.

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One day, a girl and 2 of her friends decided to visit the college dormitory. After the class they met up at the stairs; When they arrived in the dormitory, the 3 girls heard footsteps. They thought it was the echo of their steps.. They continued to advance. They saw a door and opened it. It was a bedroom. The room was empty. Suddenly they heard a music box and baby cries. The light began to flicker. One of the girl saw a motionless doll. She turns to warn her friends. They all turned around at the same time and saw the doll looking them straight in the eye. The girls started running but the doll was running faster than them. After a few minutes, the girls were out of breath and the doll started to catch them up. The girls stopped, they turned. The doll was standing in front of them with a knife. She jumped on them.

Combien il y a t-il de filles dans l’histoire ?





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Dans quel lieu se passe l’histoire ?

Salle de permanence




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Que tenait la poupée ?

Une armeà feu


Un couteau

Une poële

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Continue to the chapel where Lola and Rose will tell you about our faithful nun.
Use the light to find the lock that goes with your key

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In the Choisy’s chapel, strange things happen : some students feels punches or fall, but nobody is here. The others don’t feel anythings. What's happening ?

A long time ago, in the chapel of Choisy boarding school, there was a murder.
A winter evening, a nun had come to pray in the chapel which was on the highest floor. She was climbing the stairs when she heard a noise.
When she arrived in the chapel, she turned around and saw a pupil who was living in the dormitory. The girl burned the nun’s uniform and killed her.
The girl didn’t choose to be in this school. She hated everyone and this place. Today, the ghost of the nun haunts the school.
She punishes bads pupils by playing bad tricks on them and she congrats goods pupils by looking after them…

Quand et où a eu lieu cette histoire ?

Un soir d'automne dans les dortoirs

Un soir d'hiver
dans les dortoirs


Un soir d'hiver dans la chapelle

Un soir d'automne dans la chapelle

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il a été déchirré

il a pris feu

cela n'a pas été mentionné

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Qu'est il arrivé à l'uniforme de la nonne ?


Elle allume et éteint les lumières

Elle chante dans la chapelle

Elle protège les gentils élèves en leur soufflant les réponses des contrôles

Elle punit les élèves méchants en leur jouant de mauvais tours

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Comment est ce que l'esprit de la nonne survit ?

You found a
secret message


Remember these notes and play them on the piano in the correct order



...Keep playing



...One more



Try again...



Back here, only one way left, go to the detention room

Inventario abierto...

In 1947, in detention room in the school of Choisy. There was a terrifying teacher named « Mrs screeching », she did the detentions and terrified everyone. At the end of the day she was throwing chalk and squealing the blackboard to keep the students quiet when suddenly a furious student pushed her in the stairs. Since that day, there are many testimonies saying that she still haunts the detention room. For exemple, 2 years ago, students told us they heard chalk falling and saw claw marks on the board as well as rushing footsteps and screams on the stairs. And since that day many students have left the school because of this paranormal phenomenon.

Here is a story shared by Nolan and Alexandre

Observe carefully,
this ghost has a hidden message for you...

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Comment Madame « Crissante » est-elle morte ?


En tombant de la fenêtre

En se faisant pousser dans les escalier

A cause des élèves qui lui renvoyaient ses craies dans la tête

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Quelles sont les phénomènes paranormaux évoqués dans le texte ?


Bruits dans l’escalier, griffure sur le tableau et bruit de craies (qui tombe)

Bruits de craies tombantes dans l’escalier et des mots écrits sur le tableau

Griffure dans les escaliers et une éclaboussure de café sur le tableau

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Up the stairs, to room 208.
Bao Mahé Marin and Armand,
will tell you about the ghost friend of Mrs Laurent

Every day we hear, a strange noise in the math classroom: the door slams and we hear a scream for a moment.

It was in 1903,this is the story of a student, he was harassed every day. His name was Andrew, he hadn’t got any friends, he was alone and depressed. One day, when this student was alone with his bullies, they hit him more violently than usual, and pushed him and he fell off the window. His bully went to another school.

The ghost was alone again until Mrs Laurent became teacher in Choisy. One day, when he was walking alone, he saw Mrs Laurent and he wanted to be her friend. So he tried to contact her and he decided to talk to her by message : knocks on her table.

His spirit haunts the math classroom. Sometimes the door slams and we hear his scream. Now it’s Mrs.Laurent’s best friend. Every morning, when Mrs. Laurent is alone, her best friend comes and talks her.
They are probably preparing something terrifying...

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Dans quelle salle vit ce fantôme ?





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Quelle est la discipline enseignée dans cette salle ?




Histoire Géographie

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Good Job, on your way out, you found a new item for your inventory



Back in the playground.
The laboratories await you...

Look for Mrs Vauthier's diary, Jules and Matéo left it somewhere here. It will reveal you the story of the chemistry laboratory ghosts.

In 2016 , I came to choisy as a new teaccher and I visited the school with the janitor, at night at the end of the visit, I discovered the last room in the school, the science laboratory. When I entered the room, the janitor said:
-You can visit if you want.

I looked where the windows should be but there were very scary paintings with many children on it and I was very shocked, the paintings were really realistic.

The next day, for my first lesson, I looked at the paintings and I realized the paintings were not paintings. They were the windows. I didn’t understand.

I searched in the history of Choisy and I discovered that students of 4C had died in this laboratory during an experience a long time ago, in 1976. The lab had taken fire. The faces on the windows were in fact the faces of the dead students !!!

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En quelle année est arrivée le professeur concerné
Mme Vauthier ?





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Où a-t-elle vu les visages des enfants en réalité ?

Sur des peintures

Sur le tableau

Sur les fenêtres


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A briefcase appeared...


You have set free all those spirits by revealing all their portraits !


Click on the computer and you'll see what happens. Sidonie Bleuenn and Agathe left you a message, use the light to find it.

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Every day at 10h20 in the tech lab the student hear very high-pitched sounds and the lights and computer turn on and off.Then the lights turn off for 13 seconds. When the lights turn on again, on one computer there is a message « HELP ME »with the blood.

The students searched in the history of Choisy and learned this story :

It was a long time ago a technician came in the techno lab to repair a computer after the class, at 10h20. He started to fix the computer.

The technician suddenly felt himself being compressed and paralysed, and from that day on, no one saw him again.

He’s sending us messages to get help. It appears that his spirit was trapped in the computer with his body and he has no solution to escape.

A quelle heure est ce que les ordinateurs disjonctent ?






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Save me

Help me

Saved me

Helped me

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Quel message s'affiche sur les ordinateurs ?

You just entered the kitchen, this last story will give you access to the exit.

Use the light to find the tale of Emma, Annaelle Anahita and Louise.

A few days ago, the cook was preparing the supper for the halloween party of the school.

At night everybody came to the party, the cook went to turn off the lights of the kitchen and suddenly he heard a noise of some knives. He went to check the kitchen and he saw 2 knives in the air which were moving.

The cook searched informations to explain this event. So he found a secret journal in a case, he opened the book of the old cook and he found a document witch dated of 50 years ago. He found many pictures of people who died in the school. These people were the victims of the old cook, pupils and teachers of the school.

When he returned to the kitchen he saw a ghost, the ghost of the old cook ready to attack him !!!

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Quels sont les bruits qui ont attiré le cuisinier ?


Des bruits de casseroles

Des bruits de couteaux

Des bruits de pas

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Où est ce qu'il a trouvé les informations de ce mystère ?

Le concierge les lui a raconté


Dans un journal

Sur une lettre

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Congratulations, you have completed all the challenges. Now you need the code to finally escape this doomed building. Go in Mrs Robin's office.

Use the magnifying glass to find the code and then insert it into the typewriter.


Choisy Haunted School

Don't Be afraid and look at the window, I'll be watching over you...

Congratulations, you have managed to escape

You will lose all the progress so far...

Sure you want
to go out?



Oh, no. Fallaste...