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Olivia Prickett hustles from the defensive row to the front row keeping her eye on the ball as it is passed towards the net. This isn’t any walk, it is a run to keep up with the pace of the ball. She plants her two feet on the court, draws her hands up, and jumps vertically into the air. Her whole body gets under the ball and her fingertips make contact with the ball sending it into the air. The ball soars through the air to the middle blocker and it is pounded onto the court, winning a point for the lady bearcats. Prickett is a senior and has played varsity volleyball for three years, this year being her first year as captain. She has played volleyball for eight years overall and has played club volleyball for four years. She played on Mid Coast Club Team for one year and played on Flight Academy Volleyball Club team for three years. “My coaches have pushed me and inspired me to be the best that I can be. In particular, my coach Manny from Flight Academy, he’s been my biggest supporter with setting and he’s basically taught me everything I know,” Prickett said. Prickett loves the competition volleyball brings and “[she] loves the people that [she] has met through playing and the things [she] has learned and, it’s [her] life”. “Liv brings a very calming leadership presence and she has a lot of knowledge of the sport and her position,” Ashlyn Daugherty said. Daugherty is a Senior and has played middle blocker on varsity for two years. She has played with Prickett for six years. Prickett has played with many peers and learned to adapt to her hitter’s needs. After high school, Prickett wants to attend a more prominent university. Some options include Cal Poly or the University of Oregon. She is still on the fence about playing volleyball in college, but she is up for the challenge. She wants to major in English and become a writer.

The Varsity Setter’s Guide


Prickett releases the ball and sends it strategically to the middle blocker so that it can be pounded into their opponent's court.

Pricketts finger tips meet the ball softly, like butter, and in one quick fluid motion, sends the ball into the air.

Prickett plants both feet onto the ground and then explodes into the air so that her whole body is vertical as her fingers meet the ball.